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John Linebaugh on the S&W Model 25 in .45 Colt

Gunnotes...Smith & Wesson Mod 25-5
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Excellent article by Linebaugh, and I'm glad to finally see someone with credentials address a point that I've made for years...and one that is hardest to get across. Namely...Frame stretch.

When we get onto the subject of hot-rodding ammunition, it seems like the only concern is pressure. While that is a legitimate point...too much pressure isn't the only problem that the handloader faces, and it's probably not the main one. The heavy recoil forces and the resulting high tensile stress that the frame undergoes with every firing...even with SAAMI-spec ammunition...and the increased endshake and headspace that comes along with it.

Interestingly enough, it also gives us a clue to the operation of the locked breech/recoil operated autopistol, and how the slide is delayed.

I've argued this frame stretch point with a few...including a couple of engineers...who should have understood it clearly...but simply couldn't wrap their heads around the fact that the frictional forces imparted on the barrel by the bullet in opposition to the forces driving the frame backward create a tensile stress...stretch...on the portion of the frame between the barrel and recoil shield.

One who professed to be a mechanical engineer with 10 years in the field...a claim that I came to doubt very much...insisted that the stretched revolver frames came as a result of bullet yaw as it entered the forcing cone...and he refused to back off from that position. If he had simply stopped ranting for 2 minutes, and had taken the time to look closely at how a revolver works, he'd have immediately seen that the bullet doesn't yaw...that it can't yaw...unless the gun is so badly worn that shooting it even once would pose a serious risk to his health and physical well-being.

Good article, Joe. Thanks for posting it.
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Thanks Joe....That was a lot like readin Elmer again...I love Smith 29s , the 25s.....big bore , heavy bullets.....sounds great......versus lighter bullets runnin faster, which kills the quickest , for sure I don't know... I know a 375 H&H will stop a bear or maybe I should say I know it stoped four.....Will a 40 Super runnin a 180 gr bullet at 1500fps to 1800 fps stop a BIGGG PIZZZED OFFF bear as good as a 260gr 45cal runnin 1000fps or maybe faster? thing I know , I can get splits with the 40 Super loaded way HOT around .25 second , say I see the bear at 10yds , I think I could get more rounds in the bear with a 1911 than I can a Smith , certainly more than I could with a Blackhawk.....Good point made , "if the big slug goes all the way thru , You've done all You can do"

Wild Bill
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Glad that you guys enjoyed the article as much as I did. John's writings ARE reminiscent of Elmer's, Bill---simple, straight foward language that we can all understand. I'm a big fan of John L. and S&W large bore revo's. I have 2 Mountain Guns in .44Mag and .45Colt. Both carry easily in the same Simply Rugged, Sourdough pancake holster. Because I don't handload, the 629 gets the most range time with .44 Spl ammo. I DO love to shoot that 625, however. Johnny, that Engineer certainly does fit into the bottom category of your signature line. His contention defies logic, and common sense---even for a layman like myself.

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