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Problem Field Stripping a SA Trophy Match

Remove guide rod with 5/32 allen wrench... Check.

Pull slide back 1/2-inch... Check.

Press the guide plug flush with the slide with one thumb... Check.

Rotate the barrel bushing clockwise... uh... it won't go. I don't have enough hands. I can't seem to keep the slide back a half inch, hold down the guide plug, and rotate the barrel bushing all at the same time. Is there a tool or a tip that might make this easier? Would a barrel bushing wrench help? I'm really not a wuss, that damned guide plug is sharp, and I don't seem to be able to hold it down.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Field Stripping


This is how I do it. Remove the front of the recoil spring rod as you state. Then pull the slide back and remove the slide stop after which you let the slide move forward off the frame. Remove the recoil spring and the back half of the recoil spring guide. You should now be able to rotate the bushing. If the barrel bushing is fitted real tight you may need a bushing wrench.

When you remove the slide make sure you have your hand around the recoil spring so it does not launch it's self.
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Billy mac

Had the same problem, found that i need a tool to depress the guide rod retainer as it was fit to tight i could not do it with my thumb. Had some 3/8 plastic dowel, gound a radius at one end, bent to a 90-degree angle used as a push rod on the edge of the guide and easy as pie the barrel lock turns, but stiffly as it should. Use this tool to reassemble, just give is a little hard push, turn the bushing and get it done.

Ps i have not had any of the problems with my 9mm that i have been reading about. After i bought the pistol i took 1000 grit paper and dusted the rails as we used to do on the mathc 45 in the corp. No failures of any kind shoot my ouw ammo and some factory. How you break it in is all important


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