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S/A "Loaded" 5" in S/S - failure to feed

This topic has most likely been covered before, but I did a quick search and couldn't find anything similar, so here goes........

I own a S/A "loaded" 5" in stainless steel that's about two years old. Aside form an ambi-safety and trigger job by a competent gunsmith, the weapon is stock. Maybe 1 out of every 50 rounds continues to "failure to feed", often times it's the 4->7th rd. in the mag, using generic Winchester or Federal 230 gr. ball ammo. Tapping the base of the magazine almost always chambers the round and I am sure that I am not limp wristing the 1911. The slide stop does not appear to be touching the tip of the round. I am a left-handed shooter and was taught to ride the ambi-safety, but I doubt that my thumb is contacting and slowing down the movement of the slide. I do not use a shock buff and the slide rails are kept well-lubed with FP-10.

Countermeasures tried so far:
Switching to aftermarket Wilson and Metalform (w/flat follower) mags
Installing a slightly heavier Wolff 17.5 lb. recoil spring
LIGHTLY polishing the ramp with Flitz by hand

My local gunsmith can't figure it out. I'm thinking about sending it back to Springfield Armory. But before I do, can anyone tell me if you've come across anything like this before, and is there something else that I should check?

Thank you.
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Here's a couple of things to check:
1. Tight chamber or oversize ammo. Remove the barrel and clean the chamber well. Drop each round of the ammo you are going to shoot into the chamber. They should drop right in and be flush with the end of the barrel hood. Separate any thay don't drop in and test fire using the ammo that does.
2. Too much extractor tension. Remove the slide and push a round up the breech and under the extractor. It should slide under the extractor with just a slight push.
3. A burr on the firing pin hole. Run your finger across the breechface. It should be smooth with no burrs around the firing pin hole.

See if you find any of these problems with your pistol.
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Will check those (3) things

Hi Dave,
I will check those (3) areas that you mentioned. Your advice is much appreciated, as I've been scratching my head over this for a while now and have never experience the problem before with either my Commander or blued S/A 1911.

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