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Question about Mil-Spec Champion

HI GUYS-I just got a SA MIl-Spec in the champios size, I love it it is well made and accurate, but I do have some issues with it...

1. From slide lock with 200 gr SWC that are reliable in four other 1911's the bullet nose jams at the junction of frame and the feed ramp, but not during a string of fire, and not with hardball.

2. The guide rod looks flimsy! Is there a company that makes a beefier one with a single spring setup that will replace the factory original?

3. Sights, I knew going in that they were too small and had to be replaced, and the question is what size tang does the new SA take. I have seen in Brownells that it is a "Medium" width, not the fat ones like Coly or the standard narrow like everyone else.

Any ideas or opinions will be appreciated!

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Yup...try either bending the last coil of the mag spring up and/or contacting these guys...Solve both problems at once...

About a 45 degree angle in the last 50 or 75% of the spring below the follower...
I also went down to an 18lb spring for mine and it made a huge difference. That 22 lb that comes with it is too stout...Although, it sounds like they are putting a different set-up from the way you describe it.
Doesn't matter, Wolff still has the correct springs for it in a single spring config...18,20,22 and 24...I can't imagine shooting anything less than hot 45 Supers for the 24 though...You can pull a left 0ne just pulling the slide on a 22!
I do favor the 18 with a 200 or 185 with everything from target loads to the XTPs I use, and they push 1050-1060fps...hope that's of some use...
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Mil-Spec Champion

Thanks for the tip! I just went to the Wolff site and ordered the single 18lb spring. I will see what happensS

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Jam at Throat

Check the feed ramp and throat junction with the barrel in the frame
and the slidestop pin through the link. Push the barrel down and back
and see if the bottom of the barrel throat is flush with the top of the ramp.
If it is, there's where your snag is coming from. The throat should sit forward of the top of the ramp by about a 32nd of an inch. It can be a
little more, but not less.

If it's flush, you can adjust it a little with a smooth mill file, a scrape...
The tip of a good pocketknife will do in a pinch...and some 600-grit

File the bottom of the throat at a slight angle (undercut) to obtain the gap.
Remember that it won't take much...a 32nd is about .032 inch.(Thirty-two thousandths) Blend the filed area into the angled portion of the throat without cutting the top of the throat deeper into the floor of the chamber. Polish it up with the sandpaper on your fingertip, but don't go overboard with the polishing. Blend and smooth are the key words.


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SA Mil-Spec

Thanks for the reply John-this is a fully ramped pistol, does thes rule of .32 gap apply to them as to a standard ramped frame and bbl?

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Re: SA Mil-Spec

Originally Posted by Byrd
Thanks for the reply John-this is a fully ramped pistol, does thes rule of .32 gap apply to them as to a standard ramped frame and bbl?

Ah! No..It doesn't, since the throat and ramp are integral, and there is no
junction. I must have misunderstood your description. It's possible that
a pistolsmith could change the angle of your ramp enough to get the SWCs to feed, but it may not be cost-effective.

Wish I could tell ya more.

Old 05-20-2004, 03:58 PM   #7
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Mil-Spec Ramp

Thanks once again John! The bottom of the feed ramp was very sharp, so I used a small round ceramic stone to "dull" it somewhat, but have not fired it since I did that. I am wondering if it could be mag related, as I have discovered that if I load a 7 round mag down to 5 it functions perfectly with the SWC loads. All the mags I have used in it function perfectly in my other 19ll's so I am just guessing!

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Maybe the mag?

Could be a mag-related thing. gyp_c said something about a bend in the top coil, and that may help. You can also try bending the follower upward a little too...about the thickness of the sheet metal. Clamp it in a vise as close to the bend as you can get it, and pry upward on the top...again as close to the bend as you can get. Trace the angle on a piece of paper before you bend it so you can have a reference as to how much it moved.

A weak or tired magazine spring can also cause top-round feed problems.
New Wolff extra-power springs may help too.


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John's right on the money with that stuff...and the mag springs as well. I use the same springs he suggests from Wolff and they seem to help.

...Aren't those 11lb springs for those mags John?
They're a bit stiffer, but sure snap things up where they need to be on these 4" ers...
Shootin' the crap outta' one doesn't hurt either...Mine's about to the
"old bar of soap" stage so it doesn't rip my callouses off anymore...

Good shootin' fellas'...John, you get that new Mil-Spec broke in yet?

LOL...have fun ya'll...
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SA Tweak

Thanks for the info guys! Looks like a little mag tweaking is in order. I notice in Hallock's .45 Auto handbook there is a drawing of the mag follower, and he also suggests tweaking it a bit to get the top round to feed.

I guess some experimentation is in order!


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