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spcwes, I am sorry you had so much trouble with your XD. Personally, I have put 2500+ rounds through mine with no trouble at all. I trust my life with it and carry it on duty every day. I do agree with you that they do have a finish problem, but as long as I take care (oil,etc) of the slide, I don't have any more rust problems. If you feel more comfortable with the Glock, then more power to you and I respect your decision.
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Old 09-24-2004, 03:40 PM   #12
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Vacation rust

Well, i have yet to get the slide, but i have put about 2000 rounds through it, and NO PROBLEMS, i keep it well oiled, and and cleaned, I traced the rust to the cleaner i was using, some Galyan's cheap cleaner.... well i will keep to the expensive cleaner and oil. I will be sending the gun to Wilson combat for Armor-tuff coating and a happy ending so...... thanks to all
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XD Rust

I own an XD-9 Tactical and I'll admit that there are some issues with the finish. I've had mine for 2+ years and have had it in the rain, mud, snow and have had zero problems with the finish or performance. The KEY is that you have to use a LIBERAL amount of gun oil on the slide. The finish is actually made up of micro-crystals that will absorb a lot of gun oil and that provides the rust protection. As long as you keep the oil on it, you'll be fine. As far as the performance, I have close to 4,000 rounds through mine and I have had absolutely zero failures due to the XD. I did have a problem with one after-market mag that had the spring incorrectly installed and that was easily fixed. My recommendation is don't get rid of it. If you are intent on selling it, go to the XD forum (Google it) - you'll find plenty of takers for your XD.
Old 02-18-2006, 10:18 PM   #14
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XD Failures

Can you fill us in on these failures? This is the 1st I've heard of this many failures on and XD. The only failures I've heard were a few bad extractors. What were these guns doing- failing to feed, failing to extract, then more specifically, what type of ftf/fte failures were they. Stovepipes, 3 point jams, etc. Do you know the causes? I'd really love to know, I'm a 1911 guy that has just bought his 1st plastic gun.

I hope I didn't make a $500 mistake.
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Further to Spcwes complaints on the XD -

I own an XD-9 Service Model that I've had for about 6 months, and I couldn't be happier with a firearm. I've put over 3000 rounds through it and have never had a ftf or fte. It's plenty humid here, and I have yet to see any signs of rust.

The club I belong to has 10-15 guys that own and shoot the XD (both 9mm and .40) and every one of them is happy with the gun. Not one of us has had to send our gun in for any kind of problem or repair.

So, if anyone is contemplating the purchase of an XD, there are a bunch of us that are happy with ours.
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I purchased an XD service model, .40 in the cool OD green and black. got about six hundred rounds of different type and zero problems. A guy I work an shoot with bought a 9mm sub compact with the stainless slide, and after about six months a very small amount of surface rust has formed on his slide. He carries the weapon everyday, and I think his holster may have had something to do with it.
Any rate he loves the XD and plans on cleaning it up and trading it in on a new one, without the stainless slide.
These weapons are great, and they won't slow down because of rust, but I understand that it does raise concerns. I hate rust and if I ever find any on mine I will report it, and send it in to canyon creek or somewhere to be refinished.

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