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Mainspring housing

Long story short: I have been shooting revolvers for many years. I would like to get a "Mil-Spec" Springfield Armory pistol.
I always get "bit" with automatic pistols. I have much less of a problem if I am shooting a pistol with the flat mainspring housing.
A. Is a flat mainspring housing available from Springfield Armory for this pistol?
B. Is it hard to install?
C. Other than the mainspring housing (if possible) I don't plan to make any other modifications to the pistol
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Same questions

I realize this may have been answered elsewhere, but I haven't found it. I'm new to the 1911 world and just picked up my first today. It's a MilSpec model. I have smaller hands and believe a flat mainspring housing will be a better fit for me. I realize I could've bought a different pistol with a flat housing, but the MilSpec just seems right for me. I could use some suggestions. The pistol is Parkerized and I'd want it to match.
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FWIW, I sent my MilSpec off to the Springfield Custom Shop to have the mainspring housing changed out. I could have done it myself or had a local smith do it, but I chose not to. Since it's brand new I figured I'd go to the source. Now I can't wait to get it back to finally shoot it.
I did buy a DSA SA58 while I've been waiting. Man, .308 ammo is even more expensive than .45.
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Re: Mainspring housing

Does current Springer production still have the 'child proof' security thingy? It might require a slightly different hammer strut, or you would want to use a Springfield assembly as a replacement.
That said, changing one out is about as easy as it gets; drift out the pin at the base of the mainspring housing and pull it straight down. Everything is captured, so you won't launch anything.
It ain't rocket science; I'd try ordering parts before spending the money on shipping the gun.
I'd also not be too hasty replacing the arched housing; I went flat for awhile, and I'm back to arched.
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The new production still has the silly ILS. Changing the MSH is easy but be aware that the main spring in the ILS is shorter that standard so it will have to be replaced as well. I just replaced all of the MSH internals and saved the factory in case I ever sold he gun. The hammer strut is the standard length, I didn't measure it but had no issues with it.

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