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new here and planning purchase

HI there
I'm new to this site and am hoping to get some feedback on a planned purchase. I just recently got rid of my Kimber Custom stainless because of problems that I had with the grip safety "wearing out". The hole through it became oblonged and caused the grip safety to slide side to side quite a bit and it rounded off the inside lip of the frame that it seated against. All that said I am thinking about getting a loaded Springfield. I have some reservations though. I would like to get a pistol that is reliable and long lasting with out spending a small fortune in custom work. I figure with springfields Lifetime warrentee they would be the most likely candidate. Has anyone had experience with their Customer service dept? Should I be worried about buying a pistol made in Brazil? Any feddback posative or negative would be greatly appreciated.


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STI SPARTAN. The ones I've seen are well worth what shooters are payin' to get them. Money wise.....probably the best pistol deal there is out there.

Bill Caldwell
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Springfield Armory no worries

I've not had opportunity to check customer service, as I've had nothing break or malfunction. I assume you are looking for a gun in the XD line. The grip safety was a factor in my selection of the XD9-SC for concealed carry. Even though my Hume IWB holster covers the trigger quite effectively, I like the extra security of the passive grip safety.

I have several hundred rounds through the XD--mostly WWB--without a malfunction of any kind.

Yes, I would have some concern about a Brazilian gun, but the XD is made in Croatia. That may or may not be a comfort to you. FWIW, I find the XD to be smooth and nicely built. I also have a Glock 19, another striker-fired handgun. The XD has a "cocked" indicator on the rear of the slide (Glock has none) and a more obvious and conspicuous chambered round indicator.

Best regards,
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I just picked up an XD as well. In fact I bought two one for me and one for my brother...He asked about them and I had just smoothed up the trigger in one at my shop.
I liked it and it fits better than a Glock for me.
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I had a loaded Springfield with fixed Novak pattern night sights that had a problem with the fit of the thumb safety and it shot low for me. They sent me a new shorter front sight expecting the old (Tritium) front sight to be returned on the honor system. The thumb safety problem was more serious. If you pulled the trigger with the thumb safety on the hammer would fall when the thumb safety was released. Really a bad thing if it's loaded. Springfield repaired it and replaced the plunger tube. No explaination as to why the plunger tube was replaced. The only thing is the cost of sending a gun back for repair. FedEx requires that all handguns be sent overnight priority wihch set me back over $50. I was satisfied with the service on both occasions.
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I have a 10-year-old 1911 ultra compact v10. I had some ftf issues but i put a wilson combat full length guidrod and a 24 lb spring in it and tthe ftf's cleared right up. I contacted Sprigfield about history on the weapon and they were polite and helpful. The even had record of it being returned to them in 97 for feedramp polishing. I too had problems with it shooting quite low but a few seconds on the beltsander fixed the problem.

I recently had it Duracoated and it is currently my ccw. The action is crisp and the trigger pull is the same each time. It points instinctively. My Sigs are just sitting there, collecting dust. I recently contacted Springfield to order a new set of their factory "crossed cannon" grips and the customer service person was polite and helpful yet again. No complaints.

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