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No experience

Hey all,
I have a frien who is looking to buy a new gun.He is looking at a Glock.I told him for the money to buy a Springfield.I have heard nothing but good here ,but no actuall experience..I do shoot Colts & Kimbers..Did I do the right thing?
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Maybe Yes....Maybe No........It All Depends.

Bill Caldwell
Old 02-20-2008, 12:27 PM   #3
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See if you can find a range that rents pistols. Take your friend there and with any kind of luck they might have the ones he's interested in to try..
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Depends on what he plans on doing with it. I love 1911's but don't carry them. I don't like glocks, but do have one that I occasionally carry. My preference for carry is M&P or PPS depending on what i'm wearing.
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Great advice....6 years too late. :-)

Welcome to the forum, and take a look at some of the old posting dates before you reply to them.

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