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9x23 springer

Maybe this should be in the 9x23 forum but looks like it doesn't get read much. I have a factory 9x23 and have been under the impression I should NOT fire 9mm in it. But reading some articles here it is mentioned as being OK to do so. I checked with Springfield some time back and the lady said no way. Unless I am misreading, Wild Bill seems to fell it is alright. Am I reading one thing and having my brain register it backwards or something. I reload so the cost factor isn't that big a problem, but the 9mm casings are a damn site easier and cheaper to come across. Also I don't want to fatigue what brass I have in 9x23. Answers certainly appreciated.
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Re: 9x23 springer

I guess the Springfield Lady knows more about the 9mm and 9x23 than I do....I've necked the 9x23 to .17..to .224 ...to .25 ..to .32....Granted that don't have much to do with shootin' 9mms in a 9x23 chamber. All I can say is I've built a bunch of 9x23s...I guess I've fired 9mms in every one I ever built,...My way of thinkin', THAT IS ONE OF THE REASONS A 9x23 IS SO VERSATILE. Put in a light recoil spring and shoot light 9mm loads, spring it stronger for + Ps....Load the 9mm to major 9 usein' the same springin' as 9x23. ( saves on brass cost ) I've shot over 10,000 9mms in one of My personal 9x23s, no damage I can see.....Maybe the Springfield lady can see things I can't see.....I'd like to know what Her qualifacations are....I'd like to know Her line of reasonin' backin' the statement She has made. She may know something I don't know, May be something there I need to know....Untill I learn different I'll keep walkin' the same road I'm walkin'

Bill Caldwell

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