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XD-M 9mm

OK - Just got one from a friend.

Cool package - the carrying case is like a briefcase with a carrying handle, and it has the gun, mags, a (Fobus?) holster and double mag pouch, cable lock, 2 extra backstraps, and the paperwork. The gun has a stainless slide, and the grenade style texturing on the grip seems to bite in OK. It really is pretty decent looking, as polymer guns go.

Nineteen rounds in the mag is pretty impressive, considering that the gun feels good in the hand and isn't clunky or oversized. The three dots on it are low profile fixed, but they are going to be replaced with a light-pipe and Scotty Warren rear. Will probably stuff in a Springer sear for good measure, but the trigger from the factory is long but pretty good for stock, and the gun has a match barrel already in it. There really isn't much to bitch about with this package, that I have found yet.

The one tough part to describe is how it feels in the hand. Kind of like a Hi-Power, maybe a little like a CZ-75...Almost as good as the Steyr M-9 - but the gun really feels good.

Anyone have any time behind these guns? Any bad things I should be expecting?

Thanx -

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Re: XD-M 9mm

I've had mine (XD-M .40) out to the range a couple times and so far it's a keeper. The smallest backstrap insert works best for me.

Already had the earlier XD-40 and was much pleased. Only bummer is that the magazines are not interchangeable between it and the XD-M. (The latter's mags are slightly wider or perhaps longer from front to back. In any event the XD-M mags won't go into the original XDs.)
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Re: XD-M 9mm

Yes - I realize that the mags are not interchangeable. Bad plan by Springfield, in my mind, as having the same size sticks fit different platforms hasn't hurt Glock in terms of magazine sales, except of course that debacle with the SF mags being different.

Anyway, I hope to run the XD-M this weekend and see how it goes.

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I have a 9mm XD/M love the gun, have had it over a year now, it does need to be cleaned and lubed after firing. I have had no real problems with the gun, handles just about any ammo you put in it, even Tula and Brown Bear Steel.

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