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Will Carrie 04-05-2013 07:22 PM

New XDs
I'm in search of the ultimate EDC but they keep coming out with new ones. I couldn't find shooters with a lot of time on the range with the XD-S. I found a few reviews but nobody's shot more than 1,000 rounds. Once I held it, I had to have it, it was made for my hands. It will be competing with my Kahr PM40 for primary carry. My friendly neighborhood dealer is waiting on 7 round mags since last November. I'll check in again next week after I'm back from the range. Maybe someone has advice or experience to relate.

danf_fl 04-06-2013 04:53 AM

5 Months waiting for mags?

IMO, when one is looking for a daily carry, there are some requirements besides the handgun alone.
Are accessories readily available?

Mags are the Achilles heel of the semi-auto. When they go bad, and I cannot find another, then my handgun is like having a rock.

Can I get other holsters if the normal ones do not work out or uncomfortable?

What if I want to replace the sights? Try to find a sight pusher for a Sig P2022 that is readily available. Chances are the local smith does not have one and will have to purchase. But would you or the local smith spend $250 on a tool that would be used once? Catch my drift?

What other aftermarket parts are available? You have trigger spring kits for the Glock, but what about the XD?

I'm just throwing out some things to think about.

The XDs that have come through the shop have made the owners happy (so far). I have not had to return any for repair.

Will Carrie 04-11-2013 10:39 AM

first shots
To follow up on new XD-S, at the range I shot 20 rounds of each: PPU, Magtech, Federal, PMC JHP and Hornady ZombieMax JHP. It functioned flawlessly in every way, very smooth, especially for such a small package. I can recommend this one already.

Will Carrie 04-12-2013 07:56 PM

XD-S first shots
For any potential buyers, after the first 100 rounds at the range 2 days earlier, I lubed up and shot another 100 today. No break-in period needed, no hint of malfunction. It is very accurate, comfortable and I don't have any problem with the recoil. I'm shooting low and to the left, that's probably shooter error. I've got smaller hands and my third finger grips the base plate of the 5 round magazine.

Will Carrie 04-20-2013 10:32 AM

316 rounds and I'm ready to stake my life on it's reliability and accuracy as soon as I get my Mitch Rosen Pres and a couple 7 round mags weak side. It has a good grip for a two-finger gun and with the extended mag I'll want to compare it to the Kimber Ultra II.

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