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Bushing switch

I have a SA mil spec and the stainless barrel bushing bugs me.
I have a new blue Colt series 70 collet type bushing that fits the slide OK
but can I use this with the SA standard .45 barrel ?
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Probably not unless you reduce the diameter of the barrel from about 1/2 inch back of the muzzle on back to just in front of the locking lugs.

Also, the bushing and barrel assembly has to fit the slide correctly or you can get some serious problems such as breaking a "finger" off the bushing.

There was a problem with the Colt collet bushing caused by not enough room inside the slide with the barrel and bushing in place.
This caused the collet to not be able to open up enough and this caused the fingers on the collet to "knuckle", or bend in the middle.

This way over stressed the collet and caused a finger to break off, which in turn locked the gun up and usually caused some major gouging of the barrel and slide.

Due to improper factory fit of some slides and barrel-bushing assemblies Colt just gave it up and went back to the original solid bushing.

So, you have to make sure the barrel diameter is reduced behind the muzzle and insure there's enough room inside the slide with everything assembled to allow proper flexing of the collet fingers.
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Thanks for the quick reply.
I kinda thought that the collet bushing might be a no-no, but was wondering if someone already tried it. Not worth the consequences try.

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