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sti frame and slide

Hello, I logged on to the forum and was immediately impressed by it. I have a question as to the wisdom of building an STI hi-cap Home defense gun from an STI frame and slide kit. I plan on using a bar-sto bull barrel for the barrel since it does not require a ramp. As well as using a fair selection of other parts from other manufacturers for the rest. Has anyone else done this? It seems as though I could do this for way less money than buying a brand new edge or tac-lite STI. Any information would be much appreciated.
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You'll be hard pressed to do it cheaper based on quality parts....especially if you don't have all the tools needed to do the job right (just an assumption on the tools). Tools can eat up savings in a heartbeat.

You can buy from,, or pretty cheap (relatively speaking) with some goodies/tweaking thrown in and save yourself some money on taxes if you're out of state (I know,,,for those you you thinking about the tax issue )

What caliber were you thinking?

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What caliber? .45 acp of course :lol: I mean this to be a hardcore defensive pistol and .45 is the only way to go as far as my personal beliefs go. I wasn't planning on doing the work myself. I don't currently have the tools or expertise, yet. I know a gunsmith who's done work for me before and he has shown interest in building a gun. The only thing that he doesn't want to do is lap the frame to the slide. Hence my interest in the frame and slide kit. On STI's website I can get it with the exact slide cuts that I wish for a heck of a lot cheaper than brownell's. I was also planning on buying a short bock completion kit with STI's components for $300. The only problem I have heard of with STI's are the cheap Bo-mar ripoff sites they use and the magazines. I'll check out the sites I can buy an STI off of.
Ever since I saw SVI's website years and years ago I have been fascinated by the idea such a righteous hi-cap 1911. STI components seem the best way for me to get a hold of one without spending too much.
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If you are going to pay the gunsmith,,,,if so, there is no way it'll be cheaper.....

You'll be looking at 2K or so if your smith is a professional full time smith and in the game to make any money at all.

Chuck at Shooterconnection probably has the .45 Eagle in stock. He generally lists MSRP on his site, but often his prices are better than that. His email is [email protected] com

Also, unless you're in KY, you won't get nailed with the sales tax.

Often time Chuck gets them with some of the little things you won't find elsewhere,,,,fiber front sights, big mag button etc.....he orders from STI in bulk and stocks many models,,,,so you may be in luck.

As far as the knock off sights, my Edge has be running great with the factory sight, from what I understand they had a batch with some bad pins in them, but I haven't heard of any problems of late with the rear sights. Besides, if you're looking at a defensive gun, you may want to consider a fixed sight.

Also, SVI mags have a great reputation, but they are pretty hard to find at times. Myself and tons of other guys local to me are using STI mags with great luck.


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