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VIP or Tactical 4.15 Lite?

I'm in the market for a high capacity 9mm. I've narrowed my choices down to the VIP and the Tactical 4.15
For those with experience,I'm interested in your thoughts on the two. It will be carried daily and trained with weekly with about 2-400 rounds through it a week. The VIP makes alot of sense but I'm hung up on the slightly longer sight radius of the tactical. The rail is really not necessary but I would not mind it either. I'll probably consider the steel frame for the VIP due to the round count going down the pipe. Any and all help and comments will be appreciated.
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Its been awhile since I've shot a large frame 2011, but I just bought a used SVI officer's size 40 (same size as the VIP I think). Shot it today for the first time and I'm extremely happy.

This is going to be a carry gun once it is reamed out for 10mm. I really like the size of this gun since it will be for carry. The only downside I see, is that it is almost as tall as a gov model 1911 when the mag is inserted. For carry I would suggest the VIP because it is samller and a little lighter than the Tactical. I didn't notice the shorter sight radius as that much of a handicap, but it may depend on what you're used to.

If possible, try to at least get your hands on both of them to see how they feel. A 9mm of either model would be a great gun to have. Good luck!

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