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9X23 QUESTIONS (Frames)

I have posted this on the 9X23 forum and have had no response so I will attempt here. Probable should have to begin with.
I am strongly reconsidering this 9X23 thing again.
I have looked at SV and STI as the beginning of my search. It seems they are the onliest ones who have a completed weapon in this caliber offered, although it is semi-custom.
Paul at Dawson has suggested the Trojan and reeming out for the weapon to 9X23. STI does offer the 9X23 in a 2011 frame though it is a more expensive piece and has some bells & whistles I have no need of.
SV offers this dip of ice cream for $2500 give or take which is a shade more than the 2011 from STI, but not enough of a shade to render it an unworthy thought.
Given the fact that this caliber is near rifle pressures I am assuming that the Trojan would handle the pressures, so the thought on the other forum may be ill-stated.
Do any of you boys have any thoughts on this project?
Do you have any opinions of the Trojan in this caliber. Do you have any experience with the STI 2011 or the SV which you wish too pass on.
If I do the Trojan I am going to specify a Bar-Sto barrel. Will this take any special smithing in the Trojan frame to make it work?
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My only experience with 9x23...

I had a STI 2011 frame built up into a 9x23 using a caspian slide and EGW barrel..no problems shooting WIN 9x23 factory ammo and reloading to that velocity.

also have had two Springfield 9x23 single stack guns . One had a EGW barrel in it..the other used the factory barrel..no problems with either of these guns either..

Have also had two USPSA open type racegun in 9x23..both used EGW match barrels also..one was built on a SV wide body frame..the other on a STI 2011 frame.
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"I have looked at SV and STI as the beginning of my search. It seems they are the onliest [sic] ones who have a completed weapon in this caliber offered, although it is semi-custom."

Actually, SVIs are virtually custom, as one selects the components from a roughly eight-page selection in the Gun Builder portion of the SVI site. I have an SVI in 9x23 and am happy to note that it also digests the far-cheaper .38 Super without a hiccup.

"Paul at Dawson has suggested the Trojan and reeming [sic] [it] out for the weapon to [chamber] 9X23"

Then again, one could simply BUY a 9x23 barrel and fit it. I suggest Schuemann; his barrels are in ALL SVIs. That's enough recommendation for me, especially as I've had no problems with any of my 3 guns with his barrels.

Note also that "reeming" the chamber may not work. Supers have a basically straight case wall; 9x23 uses a tapered case; it is the same profile as a .223 Remington.
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Well, that was my response to Paul and suggested I would prefer a BAR-STO barrel, as Dane suggests, though I doubt that it is better or worse than any of the other flavors suggested here, in the archives.
Paul should be getting back within the week. SV has quoted $2500 for the weapon as I designed on the gunbuilder. That is not bad for such a weapon but I am not sure I want to invest/spend that much. SV will build a much prettier weapon than I care to spend money on but not a pratical weapon for less---or many bells and whistles.
The Trojan, in .45, that I have is a very good weapon and I think the same quality could be had in a 9x23.
I would, if I were to decide to have a very personal, quality weapon, with a lot of purty stuff on it go with a custom weapon. I believe that the STI can be had for less money and with the quality/reliability desired though not as purty and classy.
Still I may opt for the SV if Paul and Dave do not feel competent to do the 9x23 on a Trojan frame/weapon.
Thanx for the thought, it is more than appreciated.
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Well gathering dust at a gunshop in Hawaii is a basic 5" milspec version, small sights, safety etc Genuine Colt in 9X23 Dealer claims it's a factory original seems like price is low 9's high 8's. Gun apears in very good condition.
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9*23 Trojan

Just a quick note for you.

I have a 5" STI Trojan that started it's life in 9mm. An incredible local gunsmith (Gunnar Christensen - Armco) added an STI bull barrel, chambered it for 9*23 added the revurse plug and dialed in my springs.

She shoots like a charm. I have run everything from hot handloads (pushing 1550 fps) through to mild .38 super levle laods. Incluiding some superhot 9*23 winchester that wre running so fast that I was experiencing primer flow and sheer, though never once had a hicupp.

My trojan (actually I custoised it for my wife now) is BY FAR the most accurate psitol I have, and will run super hot all day long. It has never had a failure since it was rebarelled. I run Chip MNcCormick .38 super mags without any problems.

My wife (5"2) runs the 9*23 for IPSC. Other than haveing difficult time racking the slide (she has very small hands and not a supertight grip) she LOVES it.

I highly recommend the Trojan platform for the 9*23. A good gunsmith will make it into a dream.

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