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I have a couple of STI'S in .45 and 9x23.
Originally the choice of the STI was cost based, and I was wanting something more than offered in strictly commercial lines. I was not as impressed by the semi-custom offerings of some as by STI and SV.
I am now wondering if there was something I missed. By missed, I am wondering if the is really, a very good reason why SV is more expensive and would the price differences warrant a new look.
I am happy with the STI's I have.
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STIs are a good value for those who are happy with an off-the-shelf iteration of a design that hasn't been updated since it was brought out.

SVIs are for those who want to design their own gun. SVI's Gun Builder program allows them to do so, down to the choice of hammer struts (steel or titanium) and even the chosen serial number.

SVIs have continued development of the design and have patented features, such as the barrel bushing, the safety, the magwell, the interchangeable/replaaceable breachface, the Tri-Glide trigger, etc. SVIs also feature the AET barrel; very accurate and extremely durable, even when shooting jacketed ammo at race-gun velocities.

Each is, of course, priced accordingly....... :wink:
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I have been thinking about the reply #6.
The gunbuilder thing is pretty good and may be of more benefit in the choices of all weapons than just SVI.
I can see the tech innovations but they seem to be of benefit more for some of the race and games crowd than for my needs, though this is a very subjective determination on my part.
I looked at the weapon I wanted with the needs of mydesign and found that I could get two STI's for about the same money-using after market barrels of the same quality and some internal changes [aftec and such].
I can appreciate all that you have said and know from readings that you really favor SVI's.
Some more information is needed as I still cannot reach the same conclusions as you.
Kinda like falling in love-we all see things a little differently.
Not an arguement at all and I am still considering the weapon, I like it very much.
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Remember, you're building a custom handgun. If you just want someting that works, get a Glock. Otherwise, spend the money and do it the way you want it. I love my SV 40. APW did it for me in 1998. It's awesome. No problems even with factory 40 ammo! I like the STI's as well.
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I can't speak to the STI's because I don't own one but it was a contender for my $$'s as I was mulling over the choices for the new 40cal. And from what I read on several forums they can be finicky. Back in April I was at 2 day class with Manny Bragg and a fellow had an STI with just 4000 rounds thru it and and several issues to the point that someone had to lend him a gun. I have several standard 1911's from folks like Ed Brown, Baer and they are better than the average 45 be it a glock or a colt. I paid in the $2k+ range and for the most part I was happy. Then I ordered the SVI Sight Tracker which I got 4 weeks ago and it was worth every penny I paid for it. It is everything I wanted in a gun, it is built right and it is more accurate than any of my other guns. I have been able to consistently put rounds on top of each other. Last weekend I put 9 of 10 rounds on top of each other at 30 feet and then again at 40 feet. Not great distances but, like I said, my other guns weren't doing that. I had some fine tuning to do to the gun that I wanted the factory to do so I called them up. Sent it down on monday - they got it on tuesday and it was back to me the next day - wednesday. That's service!!! If I can get the scratch I'd like to buy a Tiki.

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