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Next IPSC gun - STI/SV or....

No doubt there are a lot of folks reading this forum who have more experience than I in competition and I would appreciate your insights as I look for my next gun. I've just started my 2nd season in Limited 10, just completed a few days training with Manny Bragg, starting to get the hang of it and thinking of my next gun. I'm currently shooting matches with a Les Baer Premier ll that the folks at NightHawk Custom are modifying for me and I have a NightHawk Talon. Nice guns but... I'm thinking it's time to move up from a single stack and get the quality of a custom gun (I'm not happy with the Baer at all, Les just isn't building them the way he used to and I'm hearing the same is true for a lot of other Semi Custom guns like Ed Brown, Wilson). I like the 45ACP but thinking it might be time to look at 40's for greater capacity. I've been looking at the Infinity's from STI and SV and I'm leaning towards SV - quality/reliability being a deciding issue. Doesn't have to be just these two guns - I'm wide open for suggestions but I would appreciate your feedback on some of the key features I should be looking for in a good IPSC gun (and why they are important) and would appreciate your feedback on which gun from SV and STI would warrant a closer look.
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My suggestion for a really nice custom .40 for competition would be to get hold of a STI/SV frame. then send it off to George Smith, Dave Dawson, Bob Londrigan, Dan Bedell or similar and have them build you a gun..

slide to frame fit, barrel fit will be fantastic, the gun will be a shooter..

my choice over a factory gun from SV or STI..
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The gun needs total reliability and out shoot you no matter how good you are. It would help to have a magazine that will hold a bunch of rounds, too.

I have three Les Baers and a Wilson and find the quality to be there with each and every one of them. They are reliable, accurate, and have never missed a beat that wasn't related to bad reloads. Maybe you got a bad one and should send it back to have it serviced.

As far as the STI and SVI go, I would pick the SVI for my personal needs. It is a factory custom and built to your needs. The STI is a fine pistol, too. You may not like the sights, trigger, or something that come on it and want it changed. With the SVI you order what you want.

EERW has a point, too. You can have a pistol built by some of the smiths he mentioned or some other good smith.

I am going to have SVI start a 9 mm PPC/steel pistol for me in a couple of months.

(EERW that Springfield shoots 9 mm ammo like it was a 9 mm. Mr. Wild Bill told me it would work and he was right. )

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Either an SVI or an STI will meet your needs, but

I would go with an SVI if you can afford the difference.

STIs are production guns. High quality ones, but production guns. Pick a model, pay the price and get whatever that model features. Period.

An SVI, as was noted above, will be built as YOU specified, from a very large menu of choices. Trigger shape, size and color; hammer shape, slide cuts, barrel length - the list goes on and on.

You also get the benefit of certain patented features, such as the barrel bushing, magwell design, the Tri-Glide trigger and the special AET barrel.

Besides, the new "Miami Vice" movie is about to premiere. It features SVI sidearms. What else do you need to know? 8)
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Call Neil Keller @ Kustom Ballistics and have him build you a gun on a SV frame. He built me a 6" 38 Super that I use for NRA Action/Bianchi that is brilliant! Outstanding quality and pricing.

I also would not hesitate to buy another SVI factory gun. My 5" 40 S&W gun is a SVI factory gun and it is supurb. The only reason I don't recommend them ahead of Neil is that barrel availability limits their pistol production...right now. Once their barrel making machine is up and running (and not burning cutters ), look out!!! And once they are up and running - I'd recommend them even with Neil Keller.

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