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SVI questions...

I'm looking at getting a svi built for a duty weapon but the wait is goin to be 7 months as i was told today. Now when it comes to custom weapons I know that there is always going to be a wait (comes to rifles, longer than a 7 month wait on most), and that is something that I really don't mind when I know that the outcome will be something that I will be pleased with. When it comes to weapons, I don't and won't cut corners as my life is held in the hands of that weapon. My question is should I stick w/ a factory svi build or should i step out and have someone else build the svi weapon? If so, who are some of the top choices to start looking into, and do any of these smiths have some already built ready for purchase (in stock). Now I'm new to the "custom" end of handguns as I mainly own Kimbers.

thanks for all the help to come,
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Call SVI and ask either Tami or Brandon who might have one they could build up for you. Don Golombeski (sp?) comes to mind; he's written up in one of the mags on the SVI website. :wink:
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I wouldn't hesitate letting SVI build it. And, since you're in TX that might be your best bet (even better if you're near DFW). #6 had a great idea, call SV and ask if there are any smith's in your area who are on their preferred dealers list. I went that way when I had a 6" gun built and was pleased as punch with the results.
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I bought an SV factory built race gun, new, from Shooters' Connection about 5 years ago. It's a tri-brid .38 super, basically the top-of-the-line, all the bells & whistles etc....

When I recieved the gun, I was amazed at the way the barrell, slide and frame fit together. The tolerances were made the whole thing lock up solid. The slide runs across the frame like no other gun I own.

I shoot about 2 matches per month and I can only remember a couple times that I ever had a malfuntion. Far fewer than any of my friends who mostly shoot STIs. The schumann AET barrel is amazingly accurate.

I guess what I'm getting at is that I am 100% happy with my gun and I have been saving my pennies for about a year now so I can buy an 1911 gun for carry from them. If you get a chance to handle one, I think you'll be amazed with the quality of workmanship.

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