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.40 Edge...How many rounds?

How many round are you able to load in your Limited STI/SVI pistols? How is your magazine set up? Is it reliable when fully topped off.

I just got a new Edge yesterday and am going to start getting everything in order. Please give me any advise you have on getting it set-up correctly. I will shoot Limited with this pistol.

Thanks, Buddy
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if you have a beven tuned mag it should hold a reloadable 20. or check 1911store.com. they sell tubes and tuned mags for uspsa.

for ipsc box compliant mags the most is 19 non reloadable. unless you want to cut a coil on the spring which i dont.

good luck
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Using SVI tubes, springs and followers with Dawson base pads, I get 19 or 20 in my Sight Tracker, depending. With plain Arredondo pads, it's 18 or 19.
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I get 20 in mine. SV tubes, Grams bases, ISMI springs and red SV competition followers.
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I've got 4 reloadable 20 rounders. STI tubes with Grams pads, springs, and followers. Also playing around with a SPS tube with Grams 4mm pad, spring -1 coil, and follower for a 21 round starter mag.

If you're wanting to play around with the SPS thing, watch your overall mag length, as they're not consistant. In other words get the tube first before you decide on a basepad. Some have arrived at 134mm on up to 138mm.

Also, check carefully your feed lips. For a .40 which is what I'm assuming you're referring to, .382 ~ .385 front and .390 ~ .395 rear. Also, you can tune the mag lips to be beveled slightly right at the very point of release about 1/16in. The points on the end may be slightly rounded and highly polished.

You can also toss your mag bodies in your case tumbler for a while for an inside and out polish.

Here's one more super-trick mod. Get some 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Then you have to find something with the same radius as your feedramp - a 40 case works perfect for me. Wrap a single layer of the sandpaper around the case, or whatever, clamp the barrel in a bench vise, and polish the ramp, moving the sandpaper up and down the ramp in the direction the bullet feeds. Keep polishing forever, until you can see from inspection that the entire ramp has been polished. This can make a big difference, much bigger than you might think. Before you do it, hold the barrel in one hand and a loaded round in the other. Hold the round parallel with the barrel and press the nose on the feedramp and push it up the ramp - feeling the resistance. (It kind of feels like phonograph record.) Then do it after the polish job - you should notice a big difference. (All the spinning type polishers actually polish the ramp in the wrong direction.)

Some of the info above copied from benos.com for the sake of expiedency.

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