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STI Edge or Executive

I'm thinking of buying a 2nd gun for USPSA limited class (currently have an SVI Sight tracker)and was looking at the STI Edge and the Executive but really don't have a sense of what the practical differences are between the two - can anybody help me out. Another important question is that I'm looking for reliability - solid reliability - is that wishful thinking? Are there any options that are recommended and if so why?
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Unfortunately, getting rock solid reliability direct from STI is a crapshoot. Gun purchasers have allowed this like they have to all 1911's on the market. Never ceases to amaze me people will buy a $30 coffee maker and first time it doesnt work it's back to Walmart. But pay $1000 plus for a pistol and then go out and happily pay hundreds more for a "reliability package" OK rant over to answer your question. If I was ordering a STI (which I wouldnt I wont buy complete 1911 ) I would order one from Brazos that's been checked out. either put in a conventional guide rod or order a couple spare recoilmasters. I would also want a lightened slide. How do you like the sight tracker set up ?
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Duffy 1, there are thousands upon thousands of satisfied STI customers; the same with Ford, Chevy, Harley. Then there are a small percent that get the "Lemon". The satisfied customers usually don't say much unless they are asked. The unhappy guys are going to tell everyone!

In our area STI is the big stick and most Limited and Open shooters are using them, with excellent results. Yes, there are some SVI guns being used and they are doing fine, too.

I have a new STI Edge from Dawson and have not shot it enough to tell you anything other than it seems very accurate and the fit and finish are as good as anything I own.

Now to answer your question (or not)...go to the STI web site and look at their descriptions. It should tell you if there are different specifications. I think it (Executive) just has a prettier prom dress, not sure.

STI has one with a "can" on the end. I think they call it "Tru-site" or something similar. Anyway, the front site doesn't move with the slide. I thought about buying one and spoke to Dave Skinner at the 2006 SHOT show and asked him how the "expansion Chamber" worked, and what it did to control recoil. He said he didn't know and referred me to some of his staff. The best they could do was tell me that it kept the sight from moving. SO...that must be the only benefit. It must mimic the Site Tracker from SVI.

Oh, the reason I didn't buy the Tru-Sight? The regular sights are too fast for me...they always seem to be there waiting for me to press the trigger.

Good Luck, Buddy
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I would get an Edge, shoot a few thousand rounds through it, then have it chromed.
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I'd look on the USPSA forums and get someone elses EDGE that they've already shot a few thousand rounds from for a lot less $$$.
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Re: STI Edge or Executive

STI guns are great but don't buy them from STI get them from Dawson precisions with the reliability work. I did that and my edge works great. My roomate bought a Tactical from STI directly and only after 3 trips back to the factory did it work right.

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