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Hello. A time back, I purchased an STI Trojan longslide w/6" bbl in 9mm. I'd done a range report here and was very satisfied with the purchase.
Since that report, I replaced the short bushings for the thin grip that comes on this pistol for standard bushings and stocks.

Other than that, the pistol remains as it came from the factory.

I've fired roughly 1500 rnds through the pistol now, firng about 200 today.

The Trojan remains tight and "runs" smoothly.
It continues to work well with standard pressure ammo (115 & 124 gr) with the exception of Federal's American Eagle 115 gr ball where it fails to lock the slide back. Winchester, CCI, and Remington work fine, although they barely have enough "horsepower" to allow the slide to lock back on the last shot.
With any of these rounds, hulls are tossed fairly uniformly for a 1911 and only about 2' away.

With +P or warmish handloads, hulls are tossed only 6 to 8' away.

Thus far, the gun's been fired with Sierra, Nosler, and Hornady JHPs in 115 and 124 gr wts. No failures to feed whatsoever. No premature slide lock.

Today, I fired some CCI/Speer Lawman 124 gr ball ammunition that I bought some years ago when I found it on sale. It had shot very, very well in my CZ75s and BHPs. To date, it's the most accurate round I've fired from the Trojan. From 15 yards standing w/two-hand hold, I was able to drop 30 rnds into the X-ring of an NRA 25 yard target. Most were in an area the size of a nickle. Despite the wind, it was fairly easy to do!
The Trojan in 9mm with its extra weight out front has exceptionally light recoil, has a fine trigger, and makes one look better than he really is!

This gun will go with me for small game and varmints.

Inside, "wear" consists of the blueing being evenly worn away on the rails and inside the frame where the bbl rides and on the front top of the bbl hood.

I note as well that cleaning the bore is extremely easy as it's obviously very, very smooth. Removing all traces of gilding metal fouling is very, very easy compared to any other pistol I own, including the SIG P210. (I suspect that this is because the SIG has a 1:9 twist while this gun has a 1:16 as the SIG's bbl is very smooth, too.)

Magazines continue to eject freely when released.

The sights, a copy of the Bomar, hold zero.

All is NOT perfect; I ordered extra magazines and while all feed anything in 9mm caliber, some fail to lock the slide back when empty. There's adequate lip on the follower of these magazines (MecGar), but on occassion, the rear of the follower remains in a lower position than normal, forcing the front of the follower up such that it comes up behind the slide lock's protrusion that pushes the lever up into place. I've polished the rear of the followers and this has helped some, but have some Wolff extra power magazine springs on order to try.

Anyway, I remain convinced that if you want a pistol that's accurate and just plain fun to shoot or want to "hotrod" 9x19mm, this is one well worth the money.

I consider it of equal quality to the P210 and it doesn't bite me!


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I see this is an old post but did the stronger wolf springs solve your slide lock problems. I sorta have. As long as I reload to upper range of loading manuals (4.7 gr Unique under 124 gr Saeco lead cast bullet) I am OK most of the time. Great gun and I am very happy with it.

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