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Old 05-13-2001, 08:47 PM   #1
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Does anyone have practical experience with the STI VIP? It is a high cap .45ACP and is similar in size to a Para P13. I currently have a 9x19 full sized STI and am very satisfied with it. I am considering the VIP for daily carry.

Here is a link to the STI VIP webpage.

Howard Benz
Memphis, TN
[email protected]
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Old 05-14-2001, 07:56 AM   #2
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I didn't get to shoot one but I did have the opportunity to look one over and the quality of workmanship and materials is identical to my STI Eagle. It is significantly lighter than my Kimber Compact. The only reason I don't have one for CCW is I prefer the thinner grip of a single stack though the difference isn't great.

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A guy a shoot with has one and I got to shoot it a few weeks ago. Nice gun. I was really impressed. Got me thinking about building another STI it did. Like I needed an excuse though...

AF Shooting Team
Old 05-15-2001, 09:33 AM   #4
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Looks sweet, but I have a question why not just go with the Para P13 Alloy? You'll get a pistola with roughly the same weight, 13 round coupons (still there hopefully) and 1/3 the price!

Okay, now all you anti Para folks can light up the flame throwers, but my Para P12, P13 and P16 (converted to 10mm) have all been champs of reliablity and quite durable (outside of that crap finish the 12/13 have!) with several thousand rounds of ammo through them.

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My Para P-16 made about 25,000 rounds but everything but the frame, slide, and barrel was replaced by 10,000. It was time for a new barrel and tightening up the slide to frame fit but since Accurails are the only way a Para will stay tight (soft frames...) it cost no more to sell the Para and add the cost of the accuracy job to buy a new STI.

One of my STIs is up to about 15,000 for the price of a few recoil springs, some Hoppes #9, and some Kellube.

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