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darinberry 09-26-2005 07:43 AM

What do you think about a subrifle for home defense?
I have a buddy that has a keltec sub 2000 and it is relatively maneuverable but I personally dont like the idea.What do you think?

Shane1911 09-26-2005 08:29 AM

I don't like the idea of using pistol cartridges in a rifle - period. If you need a long arm, use a rifle caliber - or a shotgun.

I assume your friend's sub is chambered in 9mm (could be .40 as well I believe). The 9mm is a very good penetrating round out of a pistol-length barrel. Out of a rifle barrel it penetrates even more due to increased velocity. Is over-penetration a risk in this situation? You gave no details as to the residential situation. Are there homes nearby? Are there several rooms in the house that, if penetrated, could cause injury or death to family member?

IMO, a shotgun or .223 platform is superior to any 9mm sub gun for home protection. The .223 is a very understated performer for urban environments, as it does not penetrate barriers very well, and energy is lost very quickly as the round tumbles and/or fragments.

That being said, I would still use a pistol chambered in a handgun caliber, before I would use a sub gun for the situation you present.

M. Hall 09-26-2005 08:31 AM

I think his money is better spent on a good-sized dog.....

House-clearing is best left to HRT or SWAT.

Go to your 'safe-room', where everybody should know and be prepared to gather, hunker
down, call 911 and get in safe position (behind a bookcase, or it's like) with your choice of
reliable firearms and wait it out. Property can be replaced, your life cannot. I know it's not
'manly' to let someone take all your goodies while you 'cower' in your room, but you've got
a family to feed or a mom and dad that would miss you....
Even if you did successfully clear your house, and take out the bad guy, the criminal/civil court
battles you get to go through will cost your far more than your belongings would have any-

Have a plan, and remember that your primary weapon is your mind-everything else is a tool.

Brian D. 09-26-2005 08:33 AM

Pistol caliber rifles/carbines are usually easier to handle, for folks who don't practice with firearms much. Less noise, recoil, etc. One downside might be the fact that a 16-20" barrel is easier for a BG to grab hold of, but since most scenarios wouldn't require a home defender to be moving about in the house, that may not matter.

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