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Old 11-13-2005, 10:25 AM   #1
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Harsh Article

Howdy all

I figure someone will bring it up sooner or later...

I was reviewing one the December periodicals on news stands now that has a article on a poster/instructor that is frequently on this site. It has probably the harshest crticism of any trainer/course I have ever read in a popular magazine . It was to the point where the author of the article 'bailed' from the training . That is pretty extreme, especially to put in print to that degree.

I have never met the trainer in question, but I am familiar with his work, including multiple books that seem to be very informative. I even considered taking a course from him a time or two. This is the first time I have heard anything this negative about him :-? . Additionally quite honestly, this is the first time I have ever read anything this scathing directed towards a specific named individual in a magazine.

I am not familiar with the article's author in any way shape or form.

It should be noted, I have not mentioned any names or specifics, but if you read the article, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. It's in one December '05 issue of the more LE/tactical related magazines.

I am sure the instructor, who's on this forum, is well aware of this article as well. It is highly likely many would be interested in his response.

Just my $.02 worth.

Stay safe,
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I think everyone knows who the article is about. I wrote an editorial about it on my newsletter. I won't rant and rave in my defense or in defense of the class. I will allow my students to speak for themselves.

Moreover, if anyone is unsatisfied with my classes, all they have to do is tell me about it and we will make it right, up to a refund.

Read my newsletter and see what makes more sense. You can see it on my website http://www.suarezinternational.com

Now out of respect for the forum here, I will bow out of the thread.


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Harsh Article

Mr. Suarez,

I have read over some of your website's information and will review more.

Please bare in mind, I wasn't attempting to criticise you or your training, as I have first-hand experience with neither. As I stated in my original post, I am familiar with some of your work/books and have found them to be informative. Up until this article, I have heard nothing but good about your training.

My point was simply surprise at the level of negativity the author put into the article. Thought I have read other 'druthers' sections on other courses in this magazine, nothing to this extent. I don't know if someone has an axe to grind or personal agenda to further. I was simply interested in attempting to get both sides of the story.

That being said, I have assisted in the instruction of many courses (as well as taken many), and there have been times when safety rules have been stretched or breeched. I've witnessed negligent discharges into the dirt. I've stopped people starting to do the 'happy dance' due to a threatening bee with a gun in their hand (they were allergic to bee stings), and other similar situations. Could they have been booted them from the range for these honest-mistake transgrestions under a zero tolerance policy? Sure, they could have.

It's a tough call to dismiss someone from a range who's paid money, is trying to learn, and made an honest mistake. It's also easy to forget we were all beginners once (think back on some of your mistakes). This goes only to a certain degree of course; there are certain things that no matter how 'innocent' the mistake, cannot be tolerated.

It's a tough business out there, and with training often becoming a 'vacation' to many 'students,' the challenges this can present to an instructor/facility become obvious. Couple this with widely varying skill/experience levels and equipment differences, and it becomes a multi-fold problem-solving effort.

Additionally, it's a small enough industry where word-of-mouth makes a big difference, and a negative article can have highly detrimental effects on an instructor's professional standing.

I wasn't there, it's not my course, I'm not liable for anything that happens on your range or in your training, so I'm not going to second guess you or your decisions.

I will review more of your website as my time allows and respond further.

Best of luck in your future endeavors,
Old 11-14-2005, 05:59 AM   #4
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I do not adhere to range nazi methodology in answering faux pas made by students (which happen in every class). On the other hand, no student has ever shot themselves in my class which is not something many schools can claim.

Wehn was the last timer a magazine sent someone incognito to a class? I think the reasons the article was writen are fairly obvious. And I don't think it will hurt us at all. I hope to see you in class one day and you'll see what I am doing first hand.


Old 12-06-2005, 08:34 PM   #5
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<make it right up to a refund> That is not true!!! You refused to issue a refund to me and another member of the same class. Three other students left the class at the mid morning break and didnt return. I am referring to a Low Light class taught in metro Detroit area by one of your instructors named Les. When I contacted you by email, you copped an attitude and blew me off refusing to refund my tuition. You can bullshit most of the people most of the time BUT you cant bullshit all the people all the time. Your Clintonian semantics are nothing more than lies.
Old 12-07-2005, 05:37 AM   #6
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The Suarez International instructor for the low light class referenced above was Wes Doss(sp). Great power point presentation. Too bad the course material was such a joke...it degraded into a 14 year old's paint ball pissing match.
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Airing dirty laundry on a public forum does no one any good.

Greg, I suggest if you still have a problem with Gabe, that you deal with it offline.
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