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While shooting last night my magazines were not dropping out of my Kimber like they should have?
I had to help them out by pulling them they were not stuck they Just did not drop out from slide-lock
these are wilson mags
what can I do to get them out faster?
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The two most common reasons for this that I have seen are:
1. Trigger bow is extending into the mag well and dragging on the magazine body, creating excess friction;
2. magazine catch has a burr on it.
You might have some dirt in the magazine well, but I would bet it's one of the maladies described above.
Clear the pistol and lock the slide open. Look through the magazine well and see if the trigger bow is visible, protruding into the well.

Good luck.
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I would also look for mag lips that are spread too much....common problem keeping the mag from falling.

Lock the gun open, insert empty mag and see if it will drop free....if it does, try it with a full mag and see if the same happens.

I would also look to see if the slide release was hanging up on the mag follower.
Tom pretty much covered the rest.


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