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Swenson 45

I own a 1911A1 Remington Rand 45 customized by A.D.Swenson. Barrel was polished , throated & accuracy. A set of adjustable Micro sights and a trigger job was done. and Ejection port was lowered other than that nothing was done. questions what is the gun worth. and would I hurt the value of the gun, if I get the front strap checkered and a new Finnish applied, was thinking of sending it to Wilson combat for the work
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sorry 1 more ? What is so special about a Swenson 45 I bought this one back in 1982 & is the only 45 that I have used
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Armand FITTED each gun he worked on CORRECTLY and THAT done by a MASTER is- priceless. I would NOT send it to Wilson Combat for that kind of work (or any work really-but thats another story) Tripp would be good for a refinish , maybe they would checker the front strap too.
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I too have a Swenson

I also have a Remington Rand 1911A1. Mine is very well used and carried. He built it in 1967. Don't ever do anything to it but enjoy it. It might shoot circles around just about any factory .45 pistol on the market. Mine was built as a basic Viet Nam carry gun and it's still very tight and has been 100% reliable. I carried for many years concealed and until department policies dictated that no single action pistols would no longer be allowed.
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Re: Swenson 45

Wow, seeing as you have a piece that was customized by Armand, I don't think I'd doing anything else to it at all. I'd leave it just as he built it. It would be worth more to ME to have a 1911 that only HE had worked on :-)
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Re: Swenson 45

This is really a no-brainer.

Would you spend more to buy the Mona Lisa as painted by Di Vinci, or as later "touched up" by Armand Swenson?

Originality, in this case, is EVERYTHING.


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