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AMT Hardballer

I am new to pistols, and buying guns in general. I was wonder where i could find a AMT Hardballer like the one that is featured in the movie "Hitman". I am having trouble locating them.

Any help would be appriated...thanks.
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They haven't been made in years, all you could do is find one second hand. And I don't know why you would want to. They were roughly made and depended on the novelty of being the first stainless 1911 to sell.

Remember, if the prop gun doesn't work in a movie, they can do another take. You can't.
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Yes, Jim I had one that jammed on hardball in 24 rounds..Could not get it to eject .took over a year for repair..did not repair and Wally world had to give me credit on a S&W 629. It was a piece of Gaaaaaaaaaaarbage! (French garbage)
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Actually two guys here got them early on when new. One is a senior toolroom machininst with his own and his plant's equipment and specialists to make it work. He did, at the cost of a welded up feed ramp that is the oddest thing I ever saw on a 1911 clone. But it shoots.
The other guy was an advanced tinkerer - handtool gunsmith and he made his work by sheer willpower... and liberal use of Colt parts. That one was shot with some thousands of what would now be +P loads and the crude but tough stainless showed hardly any wear.
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I have an AMT Hardballer my dad bought in the late 70's, and it's been, for me, a great pistol. The first time I took it out to shoot it, it hadn't been fired in 15-20 years, as my father has become all but immobile over the past decade. I took it out about two years ago for the first time, and fired 100 rounds through it, no problems. The only issue I had was the magazine spring was worn, and as a result, the weapon had difficulty feeding the last two or three rounds from the mag. For what can be said about it, what it lacks in refinement it more than makes up for in raw appeal. Whatever you decide to do, since by your own admission you are a relative newcomer, make sure you get the input of a professional. It's been so long since I've seen one of these pistols out there, I don't even know what they're going for, but I'm sure finding out would be a simple matter. Happy hunting.
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1911 Long Slide

I think the company "Fortis" is making a Long Slide 1911. In 45acp and 10mm. They might make more calibers but I don't remeber. What I am waiting for from them is the re-tooled Bren 10

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