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Model 107 Citation No Bang Second Round

I'm frustrated. I have a High Standard Supermatic Citation Model 107 that will not fire the second round from the magazine. In the beginning the slide is locked back, magazine is inserted, slide is released and strips shell from magazine and smoothly inserts it into the chamber. Pistol goes bang and ejects shell. Next shell is loaded into chamber from the magazine and no bang. Trigger feels like hammer was never cocked all the way. Any fix suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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It sounds like the parts are worn or out of adjustment, the hammer is failing to cock, and is following the slide back down.
This is dangerous since the gun could fire with the slide in a partially open condition.

Step one is to give the action a thorough cleaning.
Often old lube and fouling will cause problems.

To clean, get a can of a "gun scrubber", remove the slide and grips and liberally spray the cleaner into all the openings accessing the action parts.
Dry thoroughly then spray in a lubricant. The best is one that sprays from the can in a fine mist.
Allow time for the lube to penetrate everywhere.

Next, check the sear and hammer to insure the sear and hammer notch aren't impacted with fouling, and that the edges aren't chipped or worn.
You can see the sear and hammer notches through holes in the frame.

One check is to cock the hammer with the slide off, press the hammer back and allow it to snap forward.
It should be caught by the sear and stay cocked.
If not, either the hammer or sear is worn or out of adjustment.

To adjust the sear engagement turn the screw on the rear of the frame in or out. This will change the engagement, and you can see it through the holes in the frame.
To make the trigger pull heavier, (increase sear engagement) turn the screw clockwise.
The owner's manual says it's about perfect with the screw flush with the frame, but set it as needed.
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Great advice. Thank you and I'll give it a try.

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