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Terry Thompson 02-22-2002 05:25 PM

I just saw one of his guns on the STI site and couldn't remember hearing anything about him lately. Then I did a search on the internet, and other than an article that mentioned he helped the FBI fix a problem with their LB guns, I could't find anything else on him. Is he still doing gunsmith work?

David Blinder 02-22-2002 05:29 PM


Last I heard he was out of the business but if you find out differently, let me know because I would love to have one of his guns.

Mike Benedict 02-22-2002 07:22 PM

Steve is an old friend of mine who has taken a job at the INS I believe in Pa. I do not believe he is currently taking orders but I have not spoken to him since last Summer.


Louis F. Alessi 02-24-2002 12:59 PM

Mike is correct. Steve is currently working for INS at their Firearms Lab, in Altoona Pa.
I talk to him every couple of months. He's doing fine, and has moved his family to Altoona.
I thought I remember him saying that he was going to get back into doing some work on 1911's again.

LW McVay 06-28-2002 07:08 PM

I've got the distinct pleasure of having had Steve work on my previous SA Pro Model and my current Baer. He does know his stuff. Excellent work...

Dave Sample 07-10-2002 09:22 AM

Steve Nastoof
Steve was one of the really great pistolsmiths back East. I loved his work and never had one of his 1911's come across my bench for repairs like I have had most of the others. I didn't know him personally but he and I liked to shoot 5.3 grains of Winchester 452AA with a 200 grain semi-waddcutter. This powder reduced felt recoil by 30% and was a very pleasant shooting, accurate load for the 45 ACP. I am delighted to hear that he is doing well and hope this continues for him for the rest of his ride. I still use that good old 452 and am down to my last few pounds but I am going to shoot it up in Cowboy Loads where it does an outstanding job, also. Richard Heinie and Steve Nastoff know how to do it right the first time and I have never seen one of their guns have to go back to the builder.

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