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Old 05-15-2003, 09:16 PM   #11
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Listen Dane, You guys would laugh at most pre 70's customs. Allways same ol stuff,: S&W or Kings adjustable sights, a National match or Clark barrel, innards that work right and smooth out squeezed slide. The cosmetics were usually stippling and Walnut or Stag stocks. Later guns had Bomar ribs . By late 70's things changed pretty rapidly with the growth of 'The modern technique'. In short my old 1914 U.S. Property Colt that Bob Chow put S&W sights and an 'accurizing job' and a blue job on in 60's would only get derision today. Austin Behlert did some unusual stuff early on and his stuff was pretty radical to alot of old timers as was August Pachmayer's work;both with Swenson as a late comer, were men ahead of their time IMHO.
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Gordon I believe you misjudge me. I own original custom guns from 1917 on in every generation. Some of them have yet to be surpassed by any modern maker. The guys working today all owe more than a casual debt to every builder who came before us.

The farther you look back in time the more you realise that no one person has really made a difference in custom 1911s. It has always been degrees of slight improvements over the years.

It is nice to have a place to better document that fact now with the Internet and to let others easily see the growth and transition of the custom 1911s from 1912 to date.

(I had made a much longer post this morning with a number of pictures of early (pre '70s) custom guns and lost it. I'll repost it later)

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Originally Posted by Dane Burns
...I had made a much longer post this morning with a number of pictures of early (pre '70s) custom guns and lost it. I'll repost it later.
Oh you'd better :wink:..... that's just the kind of thing I need to see this morning.
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ideas from the past

I must say that in my very early days doing alot of the same thing to 1911s and revolvers got a little monotonous. This led to a great many things (innovations) new ideas, some crazy but they seemed proctical in thier time, and became some of the things we have today, only improved.
Muzzel brakes integril with the barrel bushing, weights on the receiver forward of the trigger guard, spade grip safeties, recoil buffers, full ribs on 11s and revolvers, revolver short actions, drop in hammers and sears and I could go on and on
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F.Bob Chow

I own a 1911 passed on to me by my father that was customized by F.Bob Chow.My father shot BE for the U.S.Naval pistol team from 1951-1958.I haven't heard or seen Mr. Chow's name mentioned in years.I was suprised to see this post concerning his work.I still use this pistol to this day.I have enjoyed reading these posts since discovering this site a few days ago.It really does bring back memories of my father and the good old days of target shooting.Please keep up the good work and the wonderful memories.Thank You,Raymond Ellis.
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I have just received a small ancient tusk segment that belong to Mr Chow and came to me thru a mutual friend for some knife handles. My friend is very active in the SF Bay area pistol shoots and speaks very highly of Mr Chow and his work.
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I saw in a news release that Bob Chow died in September, 2003 at over 90 YOA. Great guy! Good life. Tought shooters until the last few months of his life. He will be remembered kindly by those who knew him. Good memories; great shooter.

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I raise a cup in his honor; my he find what he sought!
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I am the proud owner of a Remington-Rand 1911 (circa 1943 by SN) Bob Chow work. It is still a beautiful piece of work...extremely accurate...always goes bang. I carried a Rem-R in ' used to it and went looking for one years later. Found this one and will never part with it.
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Holy necro-posting Batman!

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