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Merry Christmas all you guys. Hope I can wish again next year
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Thanks Mr. Behlert. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all of the membership.
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Merry Christmas

I have noted that you are doing well and have done justice to Alton Dinan. I doubt that any of the members of this forum knew him personally but I recall him with respect. I also have a SA Colt that you put S&W sights on in the 70's and a K-Frame Smith that took me to the Governor's 20 on several occasions. You are a good man who did the best in the 70's and I recall you fondly. Your son Frank sold many of your rear sights to me and I sold them to others during that time frame. I recall that your daughter also shot in competition during that time. I was a good friend of Chic Elliott who I believe knew you as well as Dinan. You along with Dinan and Elliott know how to take a dog (1911) and make it into a "corking good gun" (Elliott's words") and for that I offer my respect for your talents. I rembember Frank during the NRA Concventions of Cincinnatti and Indianapolis. I remember Skeeter, Walt Gleason, Eric Brooker and others during those times. I offer my regards during this time of relection and may you go in peace. You have given much to those who don't know the past. Merry Christmas and respects,

Howard Williams
Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

PS - My grammer leavers a lot to be desired, but you sir are a an artist and I salute you for your effots on behalf of us all. Merry Christmas!
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the old days

Dear Howard Williams, You absolutely brought tears to my eyes with thosecompliments.. I always tried to do my best for the shooter on the line at a great many pistol matches.I attended. Speaking of Walt Gleason (Colt engr) He once asked me what I thought Colt shoud bring out. I immediately answered, the Shooting Master frame in 44 mag as S&W was doing well with thiers. He replied, would you believe we scrapped all those tools aand fixtures years ago . When I think back to those days 40s 50s and the lack of parts which went into the pistols we built I sincerely feel that a few of us thinking smiths contributed a great deal to the items we see standard. For instance, spade gripsafeties,compensators (muzzel breaks)My mini guns, my 6 gun boxes sights and full ribs and on and on. In those days it wasnt a case of ordering a part from Brownell, you designed it and made it if you could. When a shooter came up to me or in my shop with an idea that sounded good I always made one to try. Some of the best items came out that way. I was never just a parts changer, I was always thinking of a better way. I have many simple cures for problems shooters run into and will be telling about them shortly, befor its too late. By the way, son Frank sure was a good salesman. I always said he could sell Ghandi a suit with 2 pair of pants

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