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M-1 chambering reamer

This has got to be one of my prized ideas that received no credit. In Feb 1945 I was stationed at Red River Ord, Depot in Texarkana with the 618th Ord Battalion training on weapons and waiting to go to Manilla. We were rebarreling used M-1s using the old method. The bolt was locked back and the chamber reamer was inserted. It had a short flexable shank which was turned a few times. Then a bristle brush was run in with air. The chamber gage was inserted and the bolt was lowered. If it didnt closewe would repeat the operation. Now if the bolt closed on the no go the rifle barrelhad to be replaced. This has got to be one of the armies mistakes, making me an armorer. Anyway I watched this operation in amazment and told my company Lt I had a much better way. He told me to draw it up and we would make one. I have all my letters to wife Kay telling her about this idea,(this dates the idea) My idea was an reamer with an adjustable head and a lock ring. You could set the headspace in a master gage with a knife edge and the pilot had a slot in for driving from the muzzel with a brass collar.You would slowly lower the bolt while turning the rod and when the bolt closed you could turn all day and cut no more. Base shop made a sample reamer and it worked like a charm. Two weeks later we got our oders to go and I forgot the whole thing. About 5 years ago my wife and I went to Camp Perry to visit many of my friend shooters.One day I happened to be on the Rock Island van to see the armorors I knew and on his bench was one my reamers. I asked him where he got it and he said they were were using them as long ashe can remember. I then told him the whole story and got a spare reamer as a keepsake.. When I got home I called Red River Arsenal and asked them to send me any info they had on the reamer. They sent me the Mil specs showing pics of it and the date 1946 which would be about right. I hyavbe called and written to everyone I can think of ffor further info with no luck. Here I probably saved the govt millions and I never even got credit for the idea. Anyone got any ideas?
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