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which ammo in P22?

My wife has a P22 which shoots just great, but there's a little problem.

She has the pistol just a few weeks and she has only shot CCI Standard and Federal Classic, but after about 30 rounds the feedramp gets a bit dirty and feeding problems start to occur.

Are the bullets of these 2 sorts a bit greasy (there is no problem in my CZ Kadet conversion kit) and is other ammo better?

I was also thinking about ammo with copper plated bullets, but the one that are avaiable overhere (The Netherlands) are all High-Velocity and I have no need for this.

So do we have a problem or is this 'normal' and can be solved with other ammo?
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P22 ammo

I have found the P22 to be very sensative to ammo. After having problems with Federal Bulk Pack .22hvhp, I was advised by S&W to use Winchester Super X. Being cheap, I also tried Remington Bulk Pack .22hvhp. It works too.........but I have the occasional misfire.
However, when I used Winchester Super X .22 hvhp, I had no problems at all. You get what you pay for................but at half the price for 525 rounds, you can't beat the Remington at WALMART. Bob :wink:
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Post Script (PS)

You might also clean the ramp and the magazine lips. I use
Break-Free CLP to clean my guns. Also clean the magazine! Compress the spring, then spray the inside. You can also use a cleaning patch on the cleaning rod. Run a soaked patch down the inside front section, where the bullet noses rub against the magazine.
Then, turn the magazine upside down, leaning against something for support. Let it drain out this way for several hours.
S&W tightened the safety, which used to fall into safe, after several rounds. Also, they put in a stronger recoil spring. (Since I use High Velocity ammo only.)
It works fine now,......but needs a "break-in period" before it works right. It really helps to keep it clean, too!
Bob :wink:
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My wife uses CCI Stingers exclusively in her P22. Their Velocitors also work well, but are too "dirty." After a 200 round shooting session, her gun still looks clean with the Stingers. Accurate and no problems feeding or ejecting.

She tried the Remington bulk .22s, but had too many failures and squibs.
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I had the same problems with Federal Lightning. Changed to Remmington target (green label) and haven't had a problem since
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Walther P22 Ammo

I've been using Sellier & Bellot HV HP 38gr. for my Walther P22 Target (5 in. barrel) and it's flawless. Feeds reliably and no failure to feed and extract. Must admit that this pistol is very sensitive to ammo. Just found the right one for my unit.

European made ammo for a european made pistol. :wink:

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