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Originally Posted by viesczy
Originally Posted by rsilvers
I Pistols that have two different trigger pulls are obsolete. It is not clear to everyone yet, but in 5 or 10 more years it will be.
Wasn't that said when the model 1911 came out? And then again when the BHP came out? :wink:

And it was correct, no?
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Originally Posted by rsilvers

And it was correct, no?
Well, it is a few years since both the 1911 and the HP hit the scene and there still are a great many DA/SA pistols available. The 5-10 year time frame is a bit short.

Has the DA/SA pistol reached its obsolescence with you? Sure, to you. Your wants have dictated that, but the global market will continue devouring DA/SA pistols long after the stated 10 time frame.

Enjoy your DAO pistols, but the DA/SA configuration will endure. It has for at least 70 years.

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I like Glocks. I have a 19 and a 26. But I also love my P99 and I do not agree that sa/da is obsolete either. Never will be IMO. I don't quite get the connection with the 1911 and BHP though, because they are both just single action.
Both have to be cocked, they are not SA/DA. The Beretta 92FS comes to mind as an SA/DA.
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What I was saying that the single action pistol types have been around a very long time and the DA/SA has endured. I used the 1911 and BHP as an example of a single action configuration.

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Sorry about that! I agree wholeheartedly. In a perfect world, I'd just stick by Browning HP in a holster on my belt and wear it that way. But that isn't the way it works now, it has to be concealed, hence the Glock 26.
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Just a quick input from a member that owns a SW99 & P99 plus Gocks 27 & 35 and numerous BHP's.

Given a choice between Glock and Walther I'd opt for the P99 reason being the added advantage of the decocker. I know that the Glock has 5 internal safeties however some people don't realize that the main safety on a Glock is keeping one's finger off the trigger because technically it is not a DA/SA it is a SA. When the Glock is in battery the trigger is in single action mode where the 99 with it's decocker will afford you the additional margin of a DA mode.

That been said I'd still opt for the BHP either way. There are several ways to carry a BHP just like a 1911 "Cocked and Locked" I've never had a problem in this condition but I also could draw and cock with one hand too. I've been practicing the "Isreali" technique of carrying with empty chamber drawing and chambering in one fluid motion with two hands and acquiring target acquisition. (If your interested I know a site where you can see a video of this technique.)

Back on the subject one other way with a BHP is with the renewed SA SFS High Power with it's "hammer forward" safety engaged when ready to fire disengage the safety and in doing so it puts the hammer in firing position.

Here's a some pics of my SA SFS


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I loved my p99 in 40 until I had to have trigger finger surgery. :x The trigger has a good curve to it and on recoil it really yanks you finger. The glock 23 is managable with uncle mike's grips on them. If they would put a glock style trigger on a p99, I would own it. I love Sig triggers but their guns are too thick for my mits. You will find that a .45 has a tamer recoil that a 40SW on a light polymer gun. The best shooting 40 I ever had was an all steel Witness compact, that one I sold and wish I had it back. If you have the money, check out an HK 2000 with LEM trigger. These run about 700 or 800, but was much more pleasant to shoot in 40 than the Glock and P99, for me anyway.

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