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Torn between Walther P99 and Glock 22...

I've been shooting for 20 years, but only in the military, with 1911's, and Beretta M9's. I'm finally going to buy my own pistol, and am torn between the Glock 22 and a Walther P99 (.40 S&W). Anyone out there exposed to both, and objective enough to give me an honest assessment and recommendation? I'm going strictly by reputation and reviews in coming to these two choices. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much, Dave
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Walther & Glock

I do not have any experience firing the Glock but I have handled them and they did not feel good in my hand. Glocks do have a very good dependability rating from most people. I own 2 P99's one in 9 and one in 40 both have been very dependable and they fit my hand very well. The nice thing is the adjustibility of the backstrap on the hand grip to fit various size hands. Also it has adjustable sights. I am not sure if the Glock does. Most likely a plus with the Glock would be more accesories such as lasers and lights would be available to fit it than the Walther. I would reccomend handling and firing both if possible and than make your decision.
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Do you plan to carry this pistol or just shoot at the range ? I plan on getting a P99 .40 very soon... I messed with one at the gun store the other day and I loved everything about it:

* Cool trigger - Long/Safe DA... nice smooth SA.
* Second strike capability
* Decocker... with ability to recock striker easily if I want to shoot SA right off the bat
* Paddle mag release (rather than standard button)
* Adjustable backstraps for grip adjustment
* Adjustable rear site and choice of front sites
* And I just love the look of them

And then looking at the Glocks... well, visually the glocks hurt my eyes, but funcitonally they have a reputation. But still... I'd rather have a safe trigger option with the P99, than dealing with a GLock. Check out the Walther Forum... some guy was posting how he's through 21,000 rounds with his P99 with no cleanings and no issues.

I'm sure you know all of the above, but I just don't see the comparison.... there are obviously a great deal of people with loyalty to Glocks though.

If you haven't seen the Faq and Lunde's pictures(great P99 shots), check them out:

Are there any reasons you have been wanting the G22 ? Just reputation of the Glocks ?
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two completely different guns here. You would be best advised to shoot them both before making any choice. I've shot them both and own two from one of the manufacturers. I can tell you this, you will probably like one over the other without question.

Let me make your life even a bit more difficult, by telling you to add a H&K USP compact to the list. YOu might be plesantly suprised.
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The .40 Glocks are well known for their snappy, even painful recoil. I got rid of a G23 because it just hurt too much to shoot. That, and because I didn't want to take the chance it might detonate in my hand some day. And because it had those uncomfortable finger grooves.

You won't go wrong with a Walther P99.
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I like the features of the P99 more than the Glock, and it's very similar in it's handling.
9mm is the one I've fired.
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I was mighty impressed with the P99 QA. The trigger was cleary nicer than Glock. The regular P99? I would rather have a Glock as double action sucks rocks. Pistols that have two different trigger pulls are obsolete. It is not clear to everyone yet, but in 5 or 10 more years it will be.
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Originally Posted by rsilvers
I Pistols that have two different trigger pulls are obsolete. It is not clear to everyone yet, but in 5 or 10 more years it will be.
Wasn't that said when the model 1911 came out? And then again when the BHP came out? :wink:

About the question @ hand, both are fine pistols. I've never owned the G22, but I do own a G20, G29 and a G19. Glocks are nice pistols that have gone 'bang' everytime I've pull the trigger and hit in general vicinity of where you're aiming the pistol.

I have a P99 QPQ in .40S&W and it is a fine pistol. Both trigger pulls are comfortable, the gun goes bang when I pull the trigger and is slightly more accurate than my G19 and on par with the G29. The best thing about the P99 is the adjsutable grip size. That makes the pistol extremely comfortable and user friendly.

If I had only one .40S&W to own... it would be my P229. Why? I have a .357 Sig barrel for it. Now if I had P99 .357 Sig barrel... I dump the P229.

Either will give you a lifetime of service.


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