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P 1

My friend bought a Walther P 1 at the last local gun show. The gun shoots low, approx. 2 inches and to the left, approx. 5 inches, with WWC and CCI 9mm. Groups are great, but drifting the front sight has had not appreciatable change on the point of impact. Other than drifting the front sight, I don't know what to do.
Any suggestions will be greatly appricated from you knowledgable folks.

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DO NOT try moving the rear sight. IT DOESN'T MOVE!!!!!!!

The Walther P-38/P1 has a rear sight that interlocks with the spring top cover of the slide. The sight IS NON-ADJUSTABLE.

All adjustments must be done to the front sight.
Drift it some more.

Remember, move the front sight in the OPPOSITE direction you'd move a rear sight.

Shooting low? File the front sight off a little. GO SLOW. File too much and you'll be shooting high.
Old 08-11-2004, 02:57 PM   #3
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thanks for the info. The front sight has been drifted almost out of the dovetail and it's still not shooting POA. I've told my friend that he will have to bend the front sight if he is to shoot point of aim, kinda like on the old fixed sight S&Ws. Again, thanks for the reply and info.

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It is difficult to imagine that a pistol with this degree of sight-bore misalignment ever left the Walther factory.

If the barrel-slide-frame serial numbers do not match you have a mismatch made of cannibalized spare parts from some unknown armory.

If that is the case, this pistol needs the attention of an experienced Walther technician.
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Barrel may be slightly bent or bored off center.
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Bwaaaaaahahahahaha!!!!!! The old thread monsters strike again!!! You guys are makin me roll today! Thanks though, I needed that. Really pretty much every thing I've seen has been worthy though. Unanswered questions will surely come up again. Ehh, whatever. Thanks again, guys. I almost forgot how much I love this place.

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