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NoEcm 09-23-2004 03:42 PM

Are the P22 magazines stainless steel now?
Are the new P22 magazines stainless steel or did Walther forgot to blue the magazines that they sent me?

It started like this:

Around April of this year I called Walther to find out about getting replacements for my non "A" magazines. The CSR said that I needed to send in the Gun along with the magazines for inspection before they could repair/replace them. I told him that I had 3 P22's and that the "A" magzines fuctioned flawlessly and that the non "A" magazines jammed. Told him that I shouldn't have to send the guns back along with the magazines. He said it didn't matter, they needed the guns and the magazines back. I decided not to send my guns and magazines back to them. When fully loaded it was only the top 2 rounds that jammed and I thought I could live with it.

On June 18th I got tired of the jams and just sent in my 10 non "A" magazines along with a letter asking for replacements. Here is what I sent:

2 used blued finger rest magazines
2 used blued non finger rest magazines
4 new in package blued finger rest magaines
2 new in package blued non finger rest magazines

On 7-16 I received 2 new non finger rest blued magazines. I called to find out about the rest of the magazines and was told they were on back order.

On 8-5 I received 2 more new non finger rest blued magazines. Called to find out the rest were on back order.

Today (9-23) I received 6 new stainless steel (I think) finger rest magazines. After 3 months all my magazines have now been returned.

Did Walther just change over to Stainless Steel for their P22 magazines or did they forget to blue mine?

Hermo Gut 09-24-2004 06:04 AM

My friend and I bought P22s last August '04 at a local gunshow here in the Philippines. I got the older stock AC coded (non A suffix magazine) P22 Target model (black magazine) while my friend received a new stock P22 3.4in. barrel (military/green frame) with two nickel plated magazines.

Yes, the new version P22 magazine is nickel plated, has a shorter mag spring (compared to non A suffix magazine) and has the side slot which makes the ammo tilt better (just like the A suffixed magazine). :wink:

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