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Feed, misfire and eject problem with Walther PPK 7.65?

I have a used gun, Walther PPK 7.65. I have a problem with this gun, when I pull the slide and release it it is difficult to put the bullet in the ramp, the slide slides back half way. After a couple of times it is possible. But the other problem is that it is difficult for the bullet to fire when you pull the trigger the first or the second time (fail to fire). It is possible after trying some times and when it has been fired it even fails to eject the empty shell.

I tried to clean the feed ramp and polish it but it didnt help.

The ammunition that I am using is “32 auto”, written on the back. I have seen that there is a patron 32 ACP but that should not matter?

My question is that I wonder what is wrong with this gun?

I have thought about sharpen the feed ramp and chamber but maybe it would be ruined or it can be dangerous.
I am greatful for all help.
Best wishes
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Old 10-11-2004, 05:06 PM   #2
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Since this pistol seems to have a number of problems, I'd take it to a gunsmith.

One thing to check is the recoil spring. The spring has one end that's bigger than the other. The SMALL end goes over the barrel, with the BIG end pointing toward the muzzle.

If the spring is put on wrong, the spring can jam the slide and prevent it from moving back.

Failures to fire are almost always caused by a bad firing pin, or weak mainspring.

Again, I let a gunsmith look at this one.
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I agree, if your unsure go to a smith before you think of removing any metal. Your feed problem could be the magazine. Sometimes people put the spring in backwards, your the feed lips may be clamped shut too much in the front which is causing the bullet to nose dive. Try to find another ppk mag, or at least check the spring.

Another possible mag problem with 32 is rim lock if you are using hollowpoints, I have had this cause failure to feeds with the pp series pistols. But if your using full metal jackets, that cannot be the problem.

FTF, check the firing pin spring, if it is broken, the pin could be binding, or it could be a weak hammer spring, or alot of crud up there.

It has been my experience that the 32.s are much more reliable than the 380 walthers, so you have a couple things not right with this one.
Old 10-13-2004, 02:35 PM   #4
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I have controlled the recoil spring and the end is in the right direction.
Even the magazine spring in the right direction, I have tried by turning backwards, but it didn´t help either. The ammo is still looping up in the barrel throat/chamber throat. But when I mount off the slide and put down the ammo in the chamber throat it is easy.

The Walther is not used much so the firing pin is not used. I have contolled it, it is hole and clean but I notised when the hammer hit goes out about 2mm in the detonator so it is a litle notch in the misfire ammunition. It is normal?
I think to tight the mainspring. Can you just pull the spring or you have to change it?

The bullet I have is Full Metal Jacket.
But I dont understand, does it have to be Walther ammo? It is matter or I use usual 7.65 ammo? It is written “32 auto” on the back.

I have the last question, I have polished the ammo to make them shine. Does it have effect that they are buckled a little so I can not see it direct after using the polish medium?

I want to leave it to the gunsmith as the last way out.

Best wishes
Old 10-13-2004, 04:47 PM   #5
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I am sorry, but I re-read your original post and I am not sure exactly what is happening when you try to chamber the first round. Is the round nose diving into the feed ramp so that the slide will not close? Or is the bullet pointing straight up ?

Since this is a used gun, check the serial #s on the slide and frame and make sure they match. Check to make sure the magazine has 32 auto or 7.65mm on it (both are the same caliber). Sometimes these things get mis-matched. For example, it is possible to have a slide for a .380 mated to a frame for a .32, or the other way around. I think it is very strange that you have both feeding problems and light primer strikes at the same time.
Old 10-14-2004, 01:59 PM   #6
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The round nose diving into the feed ramp so that the slide will not close, just the front half of the ammunition go in the barrel throat. And in that position slide will not close.

I can send to you a picture if you write your email adress so I show exact what I mean.
I think the hammer srike hard but maybe the firing pin is too short, it didn´t go enought deep in the primer. When I mount off the slide I pressed the firing pin as when the hammer is in strike position then I notised the top of the firing pin moved a little bit out. Only the point is visible. It is normal or must it move more?
I can send a picture on it.

The serial on the slide and the frame is maching each other.
But how I can see if the magazine has 32 auto or 7.65mm on it?
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I believe all Walther pp & ppk magazines have the caliber stamped on the side near the bottom. It is possible you do not have the correct magazine for this pistol. If so, that could be your feeding problem.

The firing pin should stick out at least 2mm from the breach face, if not more. With the slide off the frame and the safety off you should be able to freely push it through at least that far.

I don't know if I can be of much help, and you may need to look up a gun smith, but I will take a look at your pictures. [email protected]. Send me a picture of the magazine if you can also.
Old 10-27-2004, 12:26 PM   #8
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My walther is working perfectly now. I want to describe how it was mended.
I fixed the feed problem by polishing the lower part of the chamber throat and inside the cut of the extractor with fine sand paper.

I fixed the misfire problem after I shorted a little the firing pin spring to lessen its
resistance as the firing pin during forward travel and I replased the hammer spring.

And finally I fixed the eject problem after the walther was lacking an ejector so I just bought one.

So now I am very happy and I thank “banddr2” who helped me extra much.

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