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ppk/s 380 reliability

I have had terrible luck with the 380. I have no problems with the 32 auto or the 22. I recently picked up a used and probably reblued West German 380 that functioned flawlessly the first several times I shot it. My last range session with the same ammo had multiple failure to feeds and a few total jams. Same problem with three different mags that worked fine before. Any suggestions? Has anyone tried replacing the recoil spring with springs of lesser tension from wolf? Would that tend to increase or decrease reliablity? Is there a walther ppk/s wizard that can make this pistol reliable?

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mine did they same thing. When I took it to my gunsmith, he said that the trigger bar(?) had come loose and was causing the slide to jam open. He repaired it and it's reliable again.
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I'd suggest replacing the recoil spring, since you have no idea how many rounds a used pistol has fired.

Replace with a FACTORY-weight spring. Heavier or lighter springs will likely not work.

Check all the springs to see if someone else already changed them in an attempt to get a better trigger pull, or to "improve" the gun. It's a used gun, who knows WHAT someone else may have done.
Stick with ALL factory-spec springs.

Next, change your ammo to another brand/type. Possibly your Walther just doesn't "like" whatever you're using.

Give it a THROUGH cleaning, including the magazines.
Be SURE the magazines are genuine Walther. Walther PP series guns do NOT like after market mags.

If necessary, have the feed ramp polished. NOT ALTERED, or polished like a mirror.....just enough to smooth it.

Check the breech faced for roughness or a mis-shaped extractor that might cause a round to hang up during the feed cycle.
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I had a hard time with my S&W PPK/S. Jammed more than I wanted. Plus is was hard for me to shoot good. Got rid of and am currently looking for a replacment.

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