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Defaced Walther PP (why?)

My friend has a Walther PP that he doesn't know much about. I have been researching the gun and it is a "Manhurin" and somebody has defaced the slide to remove the label to the right of the manufacturer's mark and extends to the slide. The defacement looks like somebody to a metalworking tool, like a router and "scraped away" the engraving in a very neat oval pattern, leaving a "white oval" on the slide. They also ground the upper and lower portions of the grips to remove any "Walther" labeling. The serial number on the slide is intact and the rest of the gun is in excellent condition. I'm wondering why anyone would deface the gun in such a way, I've never seen this before. Does anyone here have any idea why this was done? Can this defacement be repaired or do we need to find a new slide? I've just begun to look for a slide and I haven't found one yet. I would like to repair this damage, if possible and put the gun back into the condition it should be in. The grips should be easy to find and I'll replace those. I'll post some pictures this Friday, as I'm working out of town during the week and the gun is not with me. Thanks for any insight you might be able to provide!
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You can pretty well make up you own reasons for this, and your guess would be as good as anyone's.

You'll see all kinds of weird and unusual things like this around guns, and all you can usually say with certainty is that SOMEONE thought it was a good idea at the time for SOME reason.
I see no reason why makers stamps would be removed as any kind of "official" alteration, but odd things were done in Germany and Europe after WWII.

About all that could be done is to attempt to grind the slide down until the area is flush with the rest of the slide, then re-finish it.
Often these things are a lot deeper then they look and so much metal would have to come off, the appearance would be off.
Best bet is to talk to a real professional gun re-finisher about what they could do.
Often they can do surprising things, but you may have to just settle for re-bluing what you have, oval hole and all.

There's just no viable way the hole can be filled. Something that big would probably warp the slide if you tried to fill it by welding, and the cost for a really good gunsmith/welder would be more then the gun is worth.
It might be possible to make up a steel or brass plate to fit the hole and have it engraved with something.

The grips are no problem, you can buy new ones from Gun Parts Corporation.

As for a replacement slide, you're talking about some bucks. First, finding a good slide is going to be hard, and second the price will usually be in the $150 range and UP.

For a top re-finisher to talk to try the following pros:

Welcome to Accurate Plating & Weaponry, The Cogan Custom Shop. | APWCOGAN
Possibly the best all around.

Ford's Custom Gun Refinishing - Ford's Desert Eagle Sights

Elite Custom Plating --* Re-Finishing, Custom Work, Competition Guns

Glenrock Blue--Custom Gun Bluing
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A quick cheap fix might be to fill the crater with "JB Weld" and sand the slide smooth. (I've used it to repair auto intake and exhaust manifolds in lieu of actual welding, with good results. A good hardware or auto supply store will carry it.) Then you could either just refinish the slide or the entire weapon with one of the new spray on finishes available from Brownells and other sources. I'm certain that someone on this Forum can direct you to a good one. The weapon would not look original (I've even seen a couple two-toned), but it would look clean and sharp AND a helluva lot better than it currently looks, without breaking the bank. A new set of grips will complete the package, and your friend will be proud to show it off.....

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at one point in time, Germany could not make guns, Walther moved a plant to Manuhrin, france, to make the PP, or licenced Manuhrin to do so, I forget. I'd just sell it, if it was me. they are much too large and heavy, and too feeble a load, to bother with for ccw. Today, we have 9mm's with 2x the power of the 380, that are smaller and lighter than the PPK, much less the PP
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Old thread, but perhaps not everyone needs " 2x the power of the 380" , and prefer to haul around an antique. That's how I feel about my PP copies from FEG. I prefer them to my Nano, most occasions, and the older pistols are more my style. It's not ALL about HorsePower in a small package.
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Defacing as you call it may have been an attempt to remove a previous owner's name or initials, because of a new owner, or perhaps because of a (heaven forbid) theft. Does the gun have legitimate paperwork?
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