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Question PPK/S Brown Spot Cleaning.

Hi All,

Pulled apart my Interarms .380 PPK/S over the holidays. Honestly, I bought this used from a gun shop a few years back , shot a few rounds and it went in the closet with a little oil. After breaking it down I found some of these brown spots left by the spring. Doesn't appear to be rust..maybe it is. A few oil and cleaners I have is not doing much for it. Is this something I need solvent for? Would like to avoid more than one trip to the store since its about -15 degrees here right now :-)

Thanks for the help.

Here is a picture -


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Simichrome polish. Is that on the inside where you can't see it?
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Often as oil drys out it turns to what old timers called "varnish".
Usually a solvent like bore cleaner, lacquer thinner, paint thinner, a penetrating fluid like Kroil, or a cleaner-lubricant like CLP Breakfree will remove it if it is.

If it's a stainless gun, it might be the beginning of rust. Stainless is "stain-LESS" not totally rust proof.
If it's stainless rust you need to get it off. It will ruin the surface.
If it's not dried lube and it's a stainless gun, you can use a mild polish like Flitz, MAAS, Mother's Mag, Brass-O, etc to remove it.

If that doesn't do it, go to an auto parts store and buy a fine "grit" of Scotchbrite synthetic polishing pads.
These look like the green synthetic pot scrubber pads sold in grocery stores but are in much finer grits. I "think" the white is the finest grade.
These are used for auto paint work and are excellent for polishing out fine scratches and resurfacing stainless steel guns.

Get as fine a grit as possible and just rub the area to remove the stains.

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Thank you for the tips. I had some green scotch bright downstairs. A little WD40 and that worked it off with ease.

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