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Hello all, my PD just switched to these and I was selected as one of the primary instructors for this transition. I got the gun about 3 weeks ago and put 400 rounds through it while dirtying and shitting it up, with dirty mags and all, and it never malfunctioned, not once. The triggers are kind of long, but smooth and not bad. It was very reliable and pretty accurate for a production gun.

I am a Walther armorer and know all the mechanics and functions of the gun. What I wanted to ask is, does anyone else have one of these or have any amount of time behind one where they can give me an idea on longevity, abuse, reliability and what they think of them?

Thanks, Kevin
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Old 10-28-2001, 01:02 PM   #2
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I have had a 9mm P99 for the last two years and have purposely abused the pistol by firing only NATO and +P+ ammo in it, I used two cases of Federal 124gr +P+ 9mm ammo to break it in when new and it has digested everything from IMI, Czech, hirtenberger, Winchester, Federal, and Remington NATO and +P+ ammo without a single malfunction.
I even shot up a case of Hirtenberger carbine only ammo through it with flattened and ruptured primers without a hitch.

I loan it out during shooting sessions and ask my friends to shoot it as well.
I have not kept an exact round count as I stopped at 10,000 rds when I replaced the recoil, striker, and mag springs but it should be somewhere around 18,000rds now.
The mag tubes and followers are original, I did replace three of the base plates as they were cracked/worn from being dropped so many times. The rear sight flew off and disapperared at about 4,ooo rounds or so and I replaced the sights with steel Trijicon sights and they have held up very well.
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I have a .40 P-99, Green. I have never had any problems at all, but I have babied it. I carry it cocked to avoid the DA trigger. I have never had any "non-induced" problems. I could not believe how accurate it was and how quickly I adapted to it.

The P-99 QA is supposed to have a better trigger. I did notice that with a lot of shooting I rub a sore spot on my trigger finger. I have read where others have had that too.

It was named "Gun of the Year" by Gun Tests magazine. I have to agree with that rating.
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The only thing I hate about it is I paid too much 3 years ago: $575. Oh well. Now, they are under $470, I hear. Live and learn. I guess that is why local PDs are warming up to them. I do like the matching eagles, though.
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Well I guess that I'm going to be the lone one that had problems, but I thought that you might want to know. From what I heard, I think that I just got a lemon. I purchased a green P99 in 40S&W about three years ago. It immediately started to have all sorts of problems. Often the slide would not close all of the way forward, sometimes the slide would lock back even though the magazine was not empty, the springs in the 12rd magazines were weak and therefore had trouble making the slide lock back after the magazine was empty. I sent it back to Walther (Smith) and they worked on it. I don't know exactly what they did, but most of the problems seem to be cured except that the slide would still sometimes lock back when the magazine was not empty. I sent it back to them again. This time they sent me a new pistol. Not knowing if it was a design problem or just a lemon pistol, I traded the new one for another pistol. I'm really disappointed that I had these problems. The features of the pistol really seem great to me.
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There were numerous problems w the SW99/P99 in .40.

Most (not all) seemed magazine related. I've heard the hicap mag bodies and followers were modified, but not the 10 rounders. Body has a dimple in it, and follower a noth to clear the dimple (keeps bullet noses from activating the slide stop). Other mods in later models had to do with barrel and block configuration IIRC.

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