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Taurus PT-111 Millenium, HOW do I remove firing pin?

Does anyone have details on assembly/disassembly of slide to include firing pin removal??....I have removed all under slide components (except the locking device in side of slide) and STILL the firing pin will not come out.

I'm missing something.....

I would appreciate anyone who knows the details for detail disassembly of this weapon to contact me.

[email protected]
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Old 05-30-2006, 06:13 PM   #2
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Real easy. First you lift up

on the black plastic plug at the back of the slide. Lift up on the front end and push toward the rear. This will remove it from the slide. Then, using the appropriate size punch, push down on the striker spring guide. This is the plastic thing sticking out of the firing pin channel. With this depressed, remove the locking collar by sliding it out. This will free the spring and guide so look out for it getting away from you. After the spring is removed, you can slide the firing pin off its guide pin. Watch out for the little spring on the guide so it doesn't get lost.

Assemble in reverse.

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Taurus Millenium Pro slide disassembly

Hi, I disassembled mine and it was easier than I thought. Once you carefully pry the end of the plastic plug up enough to clear and push it back it just comes out very easily. Using a tool to push the end of the green firing pin into the gun enough to allow the keeper to be pulled up and out was no problem. The green plastic guide came right out with the sear spring. Then the firing pin which has a hollow barrel at the rear is pulled out and off the guide rod. I wouldn't do it too often but after trying it a couple of times It was easy and can help clean the firing pin hole of little pieces of brass and burned powder residue which could cause light strikes on primers.
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firing pin cleaning

I'm glad that it worked out for you. I have a 24/7 also and it works the same way. In fact, Taurus sent me a new magazine and it had PT145 on the floor plate!!
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Press in the plunger (round dome) firing pin and sleeve should release

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