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Might I Get a Second Opinion?


I found out what was causing the hammer follow since installing the STI grip safety.

It seems the sear was being allowed to move with the disconnecter. Let me see if I can illustrate:

The areas in red were contacting when the hammer was mashed back. This wasn't allowing full return of the sear, and allowing hammer follow.

My fix - since I plan to get a C&S hammer, disconnecter and sear set anyway - was to put a cut with a small round file approximately where the green is. I had scribed a mark on the inside of the frame where the sear is at rest with the disconnecter engaged, and I took the metal off until the sear returned to that spot when the disconnecter disengaged.

It looks like the C&S sear has a relief that serves the same purpose:

I could have installed a trigger with an overtravel adjustment, but I just don't trust them. I've seen them lock up guns and such.

Nothing looks like it's going to break, not thin enough. Old gunsmith friend said it's OK. I'd like to know if you've seen this before, and what your fix is, as well as your opinion of my fix, if you would be so kind.


Josh <><
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Re: Might I Get a Second Opinion?

It looks reasonable but I have never had to relieve any metal from a safety when installing a new or replacement. Are you sure that the safety was cut right when installing?

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Re: Might I Get a Second Opinion?

It was cut right for an adjustable overtravel trigger.

Woulda' been kinda' nice if they had mentioned this in the ad...

Josh <><

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