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My point---> I never said what you accused me of saying in your antagonistic first response that chimes in so late.

I've since investigated this now long enough to see that a great percentage of all 76's ( and did you notice I say also 70S's built 20 years later ?) do this....but not all. It all depends ( it appears) on how aggressive the guy at the factory hogged out the 6 o'clock position of the feed ramp. So yes....I was asking how can ONE fix this....not *complaining* about the factory doing this and expecting the *factory* to somehow fix this.

Yeah...I have a bone to pick with Beretta about this technique, as Walthers and Brownings and many other guns of that era.... have tightly controlled feed ramp designs that don't hog out the 6 o'clock position entry into the chamber as severely. So what? That was the opening remarks to get some input as to how we can fix that, as at least 50% of the Berettas don't do this and the other half do this. I never said I expected a factory fix as you implied. After all, in an extreme case....bulged cases can be a safety hazard. Understand also that you started with the "tone" of your abrasive response....I got no bone to pick with you, but I don't need a chiding paragraph from you showing a car example saying one shouldn't expect the manufacturer to make good about cars built 40-50 years ago. Think about it.

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Coming back into this thread after a long absence..... why can't we see page 1 of this thread?
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Only one page is shown for me and I can see Post #1.
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.22 barrels are soft as putty. you dont need to worry about effecting their 'temper by welding on them, cause they dont have any temper. They are made of cold rolled steel and cut with a hacksaw like so much cheese. What you have to watch out for is gas welding putting scale inside of the chamber. you'll need to use heat control paste to prevent that, and a Tig welder. you might try taping some coins or washers onto the slide first, to see if a bit of extra weight keeps the slide from opening too soon, which MIGHT be causing the bulging. Ypu can also hold the slide shut with your other hand (tightly, dont let it get a "run" at your hand, and see if you still get the bulged cases. If you do not, then the slide IS opening too early and your problem is not with the barrel, but rather with the recoil and mainsprings. I"d try shimming them with a washer, to increase the spring tension, if it turns out to be needed.
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@ hereby....

Thanks for the reply. I'm surprised folks are still reading this thread that's over 3 years old, but in any case I appreicate the helpful suggestions.

First of all.....Photobucket has ruined threads like this for everyone by blocking photos that were already in-place, only to retrieve them if one pays them extortion ( $400/ yr annual dues). They can "eff" themselves and I hope they go bankrupt with this lousy business plan of theirs. I have many duplicate photos in maybe I can repost these pics in due time.

As to one of your points, I am certain the bulge is at the 6 o'clock position, as we can index this against the firing pin strike. It matches the overly-aggressive feed ramp-to-chamber chamferring done at the factory. So it's not from the chamber "Sides". I've come to find out that many model 76's exhibit this trait (not all)...and it is found mostly when shooting certain HV ammo. This is basically a target gun so SV rounds are typically used and one almost cannot make out the bulging then.

At the monent, I'm leaving things as-is, but as an amateur hobbiest gunsmith, I've come across laser welding shops who can lay down extremely fine and localized bead (like for filling out pitting that later needs to be dressed down)....maybe these guys can fill-in this 6 o/clock depression and the chamber can be chased down to offer only a small roll-over rim where the feed ramp meets the chamber.


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