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Refreshing white dot sights?

The white 'glow in the dark' filling is long gone in a 1991A1 Compact I'm redoing. I don't want to replace the sights with new night sights if I can refresh these. I prefer a 'glow in the dark' paint-like material rather than simple white paint.

I'd like advice on what is the correct material to refill the sights and where to find it, please?

Thank you.

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The glow in the dark paints are fairly useless.
First, they don't glow very brightly, and don't glow long enough to be really useful.

Worse, they only glow when "charged" with light.
In other words, carry the gun in a holster concealed, and when you pull it out in the dark the sights won't glow at all.
You'd have to "charge" the sights with a flashlight to get them to glow, and this sort of defeats the purpose of the whole glowing thing since your night vision is ruined by the flash light.

Of the glow in the dark paints, here's some better ones.

Gun Sights

Bright Sights High Visibility Gun Sight Paint
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Thankyou, sir

Thank you very much for your helpful reply. I will study the information carefully before deciding what to do.
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If you have a good hobby shop in your area, you can get a small bottle of acrylic enamel of all kinds of colors. use a sharp tooth pick to install. first, you should clean the dots with some acetone.
Old 04-11-2012, 05:55 AM   #5
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Thanks for all suggestions

Ended up doing plain white dots.
Used Marine-Tex white epoxy to fill front sight and rear sight 'holes'. Easy to trim to fit flush with razor blade and stays true white. Will see how long it stays put under recoil, but expect good duty life given its design purpose.
Didn't put luminescent powder in mix, even though it is available, because looks like it really doesn't work that well for night sights.
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The reason painted white dots come out is because the factory occasionally fails to properly degrease the holes before applying the paint.
The oil in the holes causes the paint to fail to adhere.

Degrease the holes and they never come out.
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So...... Was that the after picture? If not, can we have one, please. I've never used that type of paint before, but I've never had issues with the ones I got from Brownells, either. Thanks for the update on the update.
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Whatever happened to the old radium paint for sites and such? Is it still on the extreme ban list?
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Radium is VERY banned.

Way too dangerous to use.

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