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Glock trigger

I shoot Glock League at a local range and have a pretty nice semi custom glock but i only use it for competitionand i want to do away with the trigger safety any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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You can get a Glock 3.5# trigger connector and polish the relevant parts to get a good trigger pull. I haven't felt the need to do away with any safety on my Glock 34. For what it's worth,

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In almost all cases if you show up at a match with a Glock with the trigger safety removed, you'll be removed from the range and asked not to come back.
The instant they see the safety is missing they'll boot you right out.

The trigger safety is a critical part of the Glock accidental discharge prevention system and no one wants to be on a range with a gun that has no safety feature.
Virtually all gun ranges are very specific about guns that have had critical safety features removed or deactivated. They just aren't allowed.

If you sneak the gun on the range and they find out, you're going to be wishing you hadn't.
If there is an accident, no matter the details, the absolute least you can expect is to be sued for everything you own or ever will own, and you could wind up in jail.

People take this stuff dead seriously.
Before going any farther with this idea I strongly suggest you talk to the people at the range and ask them about allowing a Glock on the range with the safety removed.

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I would recommend looking at doing a fulcrum trigger and completing the internals with a Ti safety plunger, lightened striker, springs, etc.

While not truly doing away with the safety itself, it surely makes you wonder if you had. The improvements to the trigger and overall function is GREATLY improved. Connectors are great, but it sounds like you want to take it further. If you are willing to gut it and do the work yourself, you can work that G over till it almost doesn't feel like the same gun anymore. I have redone the internals on all of my G's at least twice looking for the right feel, and the 19c I shoot in most matches has been redone 4 times but I can finally tell you that I am truly satisfied with it.

As a side note, all of the students that shoot this gun love it too. From experienced shooters to 1st time shooters that are female and weigh a hair over 100lbs and are barely 5ft tall. It is definitely the easiest shooting centerfire pistol I have owned.
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Thanks guys appreciate all the replies

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