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rediculously pointless and unnecessary project

It's been a while since I've popped in. Doesn't seem that I missed a lot. Maybe this place will pick up. Anyway, I have a question for the gunsmith machinists. I've reluctantly acquired a reproduction 1860 colt army. It was produced by Armi San Marco. I've been looking at doing a .44 colt conversion on it. My question is, has anybody ever machined one of those cylinders for such a conversion? I don't know if anybody here plays with cap and ball revolvers. I'm just wondering about the steel integrity. I'll be shooting bp or equivalent loads. I'm aware that companies make cartridge conversions for these guns, but not in this caliber. They make them in .45lc, which turns my sixgun into a fivegun.
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Sorry, I didn't do black powder.

However, even though Armi San Marco was not noted for good quality steel in the hammer, trigger, screws, etc, and you often got soft parts that deformed, the cylinders were made of a steel far superior to the original steels used in the 1860's.

As long as the steel is thick enough and you stay to MILD black powder pressures you should be okay.
Just remember that modern smokeless powder has a very different pressure curve then black powder so there's more to it.
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This part you need to be concerned about (the cylinders) are made from ordance steels, and might be available here (need to contact them for ASM guns, though, may still have 1 or 2 cylinders for them still in stock). Good luck!

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