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Lightbulb Is this something that might work?

Ok, so I was reading up on various different lubrication compounds, looking for something I have around the house to use as a possible temporary lubricant for my SR40c, and figured out that Rain-X is essentially just a silicone oil...

My question is this: Would it be a bad idea to use Rain-X for a temporary lubricant/sealant for my pistol, not on the inside of the barrel?
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Silicone doesn't work well at all as a gun lubricant, which is why I don't think anyone markets an actual silicone gun lube.

In addition, Rain-X is very thin and wouldn't work very well or very long.
I'd suspect that your gun would suffer some damage with Rain-X as a lube.
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Ok, thanks...

Well, off to look for something else I might have handy.
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Step 1: Pull the oil dipstick out of your car/truck.

Step 2: Let oil from dipstick drip on necessary areas of gun.

Step 3: Shoot gun, have fun.
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I've been doing the dip stick thing for years, works fine. I use Ford 5-30 syn blend in my Explorer.


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