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Colt Cobra Barrel REPLACEMENT

I bought a colt king cobra that the barrel was double stamped. I am considering replacement of the barrel to help hold the value.
I do some gun repair but mostly rifles and shotguns.
How involved is it to replace the barrel and not destroy the pistol?
Special tools?
Would I be better off taking this to a pistol repair shop or sending it off to Colt?
I do already have the replacement barrel.

Thanks! I tried searching for an answer but found no threads on this!

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The smart move is to send it in to Colt, or, if you don't want to wait some months due to Colt's backlog, you can send it to Frank Glenn for factory level quality work.

DO NOT attempt to do this yourself.
Barrel replacement is the second most complicated revolver gunsmithing job, second only to cylinder replacement.
The job requires hundreds of dollars work of special tools, starting with a lathe, a special barrel vise (NOT a shop vise), a very expensive special cutting tool that works down the barrel, and a special frame wrench with polymer inserts made to fit the King Cobra frame.

The old gag of shoving a hammer handle or 2x2 through the frame to unscrew it is a fast way to crack or bend the frame.

DO NOT take it to any local gunsmith, unless he will actually SHOW you the special tooling.
I can tell you of cases where locals just plain lied to customers about knowing all about the Colt revolvers and having the special tools.

As said, if you don't mind waiting and want it done right, send it to Colt.
If you're impatient, Frank Glenn is an expert well known for his Colt work. He's usually faster and his prices are competitive:

Frank Glenn-Glenn Custom Complete Gunsmithing Service Glendale AZ

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